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Facebook users will in fact vote on if they’ll lose the ability to vote, other privacy changes denounced by EPIC -
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Erik H.
I hope someday all of their products users wise up and leave Facebook. I want to watch it burn.
vary good facebook i hope someday all in facebook friends
It would be great if users would realize how awesome G+ is and realize how much FB has slipped.
I left Facebook nearly six months ago because I couldn't put up with it any longer. Long live G+.
Does our ability to vote on those decisions really matter? I think there are too many paranoid people out there. 
A social network is a trend itself... FB has tried to show itself as a company when again its just a trend... thats why the stock was awful and was a fail, remeber myspace? ,, but tho.. what is the new social network now?
Can I vote to shut down Facebook for good? :)
 At this point, Facebook seems to be getting just more irrelevant every day.  I only use Facebook, mainly to stay in touch with old high school friends or people I don't get to see very often.

As far as any type of heavy or important conversation about important topics such as, news, politics, lifestyle, or even activism, I prefer Google  +.
Yeah i wanna watch it too. Fcbk wud burn nd am d top social network provider 
im waiting on FB to become irrelevant, but isnt happening yet.

Sooo many things are now tied into Facebook, and so many are on it; its going to take a HUGE f*ckup to get people to jump ship.

I'm still waiting for G+ to catch on.
well if users on FB dont have a say in where the social network is going, why would we assume we have a say in where G+ is going? besides that i agree
That manipulation of the photography is AWFUL! :))
You like a facebook?  Is that a book on your face, while trying to sleep? :)
suka sagat hehehe.. :)
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