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Developers will love this: Facebook now auto-generates documentation from source code -

Cheers to fewer expletive-filled all-nighters hunched over your code.
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Way back when (before FB, Goggle or even Java) I mutated from an Apps Programmer to a (Junior) Analyst, the day after I completed my documentation before finishing the coding.

Now I thought Java had Javadocs for auto-documenting APIs ?
Добрый вечер! Спокойной ночи и хороших снов!!!
Ahhhh, what fun is it to develop unless you can take a key off your cheek after falling asleep on the keyboard?  I mean, after all, a sign of a great developer is a messy keyboard (one missing keys, lol)
I like those nights, keep discovering new sleeping postures 
this is actually great black mail material
haaa  blubblubbbb burp!
I had a girlfriend that was not nice to me on my birthday trip to Vegas.  So I took a photo of her sleeping.  It was B-A-D.   I post the photo once a year to show her I have her under my control.  HA   she curses me and then we go out for drinks and great food.  This is an example of the benefits of a bad situation turned great!  ha
She never asked me to delete the photo.  Now I am getting concerned ...
hahaha, this happen when too much internet...
There's no possible way this doesn't suck.
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