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For all of the entrepreneurs out there, fill in the blank: I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur when I was _________ years old.
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It's much more cozy on this G+ post as opposed to the FB one. I will say about 17. :D 
9, and I was good at it right from the start.
Here with a family business, there is no choice, just an expectation.
11. I loved selling Girl Scout cookies. A lot.
30 ... after 10 years in corpo, I'm done... :) thinking about my own, small enterprise everyday...
I feel always strange when I read about people wanting to be an entrepreneur since they were children.

I have always thought that people feel passion for some activities, subjects, etc. At 20 I wanted to be an actor. At 30 I fell in love with the digital business.

Entrepreneurship is just a way of doing your job (I know I know it is very smart today to say "I am entrepreneur"), it cannot be a passion itself.

I do not want to be an entrepreneur. I want to do things.
I didn't think it was something you wanted to do. I thought you just had a great idea, and made it happen!
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