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Rumor time! Apple to bring some of its engineering work to the US? That would be amazing. 
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Would be a great use for the old Michigan Central Depot pictured(designed by the architect that designed Grand Central in NY)
I don't understand what this has to do with apple?
+Viki Kleinhen  the author assumes that this will mean Apple (who uses Foxconn for producing the iPhone, iPad, etc.) will start building things here, in another article yesterday on CNET it stated Foxconn was only interested in bringing LCD production here.
Oh I see well is foxcomm connected to apple?
+Viki Kleinhen Foxconn builds Apple's products. They're a horrible company with atrocious working conditions. 
Hopefully it wont' be like the Japanese cars that are built in the US where the US built ones have many more defects.
I really doubt they will ever do that. That would cut to much into their profit. 
I am originally from the Detroit area. Please let them get it. La has plenty of work.
This reminds me of the movie The Campaign.. Funny movie by the way 
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