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Mailbox’s virtual queue succeeds in the waiting game where Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity stumbles -
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I got my reservation code on 01/22 so I avoided the queue.
I'm at 48,300, could be only 3 or 4 days until I get it... and hopefully reach Inbox Zero.
LuciO M
LuciO waits for NO ONE.
Is there a way to retrieve the code? I received it a while back as well, but can not find it anymore. 
I started it on the iPad mini. Haven't heard anything about iPad versions? 
I'm getting it on my iPad4 later, I hope I can use the same code. If it's as good as expected, then I'll want an iPad version too.
I lost my place in line... I was at 91,000 now I'm at 380,000 
I'm 250000, and I hate you right now! lol
There will be 500,000 people who will forget about this app waiting for 0. Shame. 
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