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Facebook cuts off "find friends" data for apps that don't share back. Voxer is first.
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I love how Facebook keeps killing itself slowly :) 
Yeah, can't really blame them for that. Kind of a disservice to their users, but I'm sure most won't notice or have a problem with it. 
Well that explains why I can't find friends on Voxer.
Irony detecter just exploded... isn't this why Google cut Facebook off?
Huh! I guess the facebook time is over! 
+Christopher Cotton the irony is I have no need to justify why I am on G+. As for being chillaxed, you couldn't find a person more so than I. Enjoy Mark and his shareholders.
P.S. have a good relaxing weekend mate. 
+Thomas McGuire haha, yeah. facebook didn't want to share contact info. that's why there's no facebook pictures on contacts - on stock android.

htc and other oems have it though.
There are a lot of third-party apps both paid and free that sync your contacts with fb g+ twitter in and .. So not a prb not at all ;)
Yeah I know. But I'd rather limit the number of apps I give my Facebook login.
Seems like one of the points of Internet. Sharing (knowledge). 
I am starting to use Google instead of Facebook data to create new profiles, I dont trust Facebook very much.
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