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Report says Facebook Gifts is struggling with poor sales and revenue -

Have you ever used it?
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I'm shocked... Their blatant attempt to ask us for money didn't work? 
I barely use FB let alone Gifts.
I've never even heard of it.
If I actually had money I probably would actually it is kind of handy.
Facebook what now?  No, I've never used gifts.
I've seen the offers, but I never bought anything through it.
I have not used Facebook Gifts because it depersonalizes the act of gift giving for me
Are you kidding me? I equate that to buying super chickens in Farmville...
S Mann
boo to the idiots who DID pay and even gave them a chance to make a report.
That means some users, if ever, finally wised up learning from Facebook's spammy ad revenues.
I could have told you that with out a report.
So one person here used it and it wasnt effective?

Or no one here has used it and i read wrong.

Either way...come on, Facebook. You're not Amazon.
Nope, they will do anything for revenue now that advertising is down....people don't buy where they socialize and advertisers are not happy..
I tried it, took three complaints to get the right gift sent, three months late. I'll never use it again.
+Matthew Kammersell What a terrible UX.  One would have thought they would have vetted the product better prior to launch
+Ryan Ashton unfortunately Facebook has way to big of a cash pile for that to happen anytime soon.
Frankly, I find the offer offensive. I see enough ads asking for my money on FB; I don't need them asking for it directly.
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