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Apple is working on a low-cost iPhone, would you buy one?
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Duan Dao
isnt that a the 4 and 4S?
Nope.  3 years with an iPhone is about all I can take.
I already have a 4s but would purchase a low-cost version, and or recommend it to my friends and especially parents.
they should already be low cost.  they are talking smaller screen. . . how much smaller do their screens have to be?
smaller screen and what +James Jones said for parents do not equal a good thing.  if anything needs to be bigger screen for our parents LOL
Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave. Tim Cook is messing up on this one. 
we already had seen how apple see low cost tablet
Won't still buy! And yet again isheeps would still stand on a single file under the scorching sun and harsh cold weather. 
If the I phone gets low cost it looses its charm. Just remember some comments about Instagram arriving to android... 
I'll believe it when I see it and subsequently criticize people for using it. 
Define "low cost" and how would stated cost affect quality?
Yes, if I could wear it on my wrist.
Breaking: Apple announced in a room packed with stunned CES attendees that they are going to produce Andorid powered iPhones!  Running a hybrid iOS and Android operating system called Pineapple Upside Down Cake!
i only just bought a 3GS refurbished from a game store yesterday cause it was only $110 i refuse to spend over $500 on a phone 
Can't help feeling that an Apple product on a budget would be a bad move for a company that relies on fashion conscious users thinking they are in some sort of exclusive millionaire's club.
The bad news? Apples idea of "low cost" is probably $500! ;)

> could use a different shell made of polycarbonate plastic,

That will make a nice crunching sound when you drop it or otherwise put it under stress. 
very good point +Ed Carter Apple's had that snob factor that's brought the hipster crowd to them and going down market will just make them all disgusted that the degenerates have moved into the neighborhood
Never. Are they still made with slave-wage labor?
beny xu
4s specs with i5 design would be great ;) 
They already shouldn't cost nearly as much as they do, besides my Samsung Galaxy S still works just fine.
Nej, no can do!! they can fol us once not
Yes +Duan Dao - what I find particularly interesting is that this is exactly the problem that has plagued android, and one Google has tried to address by going down the route of differing their premium products with the 'nexus' branding.
What is Apple's understanding of low cost?
I won't carry a phone with at least 12 MP camera, quad core , 2G ram, 4.7 " retina display, Ambient light. SD card, FM radio, ..
I would prefer Ubuntu phone OS but Jelly bean or iOS 7 is OK :) 
They should just decrease the profit and it's all good.
The iPhone 5 is so far behind the technology curve as it is. Why make something
Stupefied by how people just don't get the fact that a low cost iPhone doesn't mean an inferior product just means we can target a different consumer base. Even Porsche makes models for folks who still want to drive a Porsche but can't shell out $100,000+
When it comes to android people's view on the Apple the ignorance factor goes straight through the roof

I got my iPhone 5 through Verizon at a subsidized price of $199.99. And I got to keep my unlimited data to boot.

I waited less than an hour for the Verizon store near me to open on launch day. No scorching sun or freezing cold In Southern California on that day. AND People can order it online or on the phone.

Just another reason to rant against the iPhone and turn this into another hate fest For People's choice of a smart phone. Retarded
Whatever will be it will's Tim Cook's time, dude!!
IPhone = Icrap. Cheaper iPhone = cheaper Icrap.
Your thoughts, comments, And opinions are Icrap
Ugh apple haters ruin G+

You guys got problems to work out
We don't hate apple products they are well made but are simple electronic devices for people who don't like tech. Such as a home appliance like a fridge or a microwave. 
if they follow Samsung style and flood the market with $50 to $100 prepaid iPhones then Samsung will be doomed.
+Rowan Simmons At the end of the day people want a product that is reliable and trouble-free for the most part. that's why they get an iPhone. People don't want to keep jacking off with their smart phones like you and keep tinkering with them to what end?
I thought they worked with Samsung on that. :-) 
I wouldn't take one of the expensive ones of it was given to me
Nobody want the expensive one because of problems, what could possibly go wrong with this?  :)
People Apple isn't working on sh*** there just thinking about taking there already cheaply made device from china and bringing the price down to some thing more reasonable. And when I mean cheaply made I mean like it costs apple $30 to make a phone and then they sell it to you for $800. 
Hell, no!
I do not care for Apple's products, whatever the price.Also I think that this low cost iPhone is just an attempt on Apple's part to hook more people to their more expensive merchandise.
Yes. That might be better than giving my kids the expensive ones. 
Why would I? Its already running low end hardware xD
iphone is soon gonna be a cheap dispossable phone 
Is stupid.. I am fine as it is.. Love the brand .. Dont make it cheap like the "other" phones 
If I ever talk about getting another iPhone, I don't care how shiny or cheap, just punch me in the dick before I hand those shitbags any more money.
Finally an iPhone where you are actually getting what you pay for.
Ha ha..... Hell no. Most of the people buys iphone not because it's better than other smartphones out there but because it's expensive and very few people who can afford that. So basically the sake of flaunting. 
+Dave Morris, that is so funny but I agree ... but with the female version
They are ruining iPhone.... If anyone wants to buy one they don't mind putting down the cash for it... Besides it is unfair for us who just spend over 800$ for a freaking phone 
I feel like the current and past phones were already low value for money. What else could they trim out of it?
Rafayat.. Just pay $125 for it.. Just the 2 year contract.. Is like that over here in the States
I wouldn't have one if they to me for free. I wonder if they're trying to aim this device at young adults and suck them into itunes at an early age. Clever!! But you're not fooling me granny smith.
I know +Liu Puebla... It's just I always buy factory unlocked & I always jailbreak them... I guess i like apple & freedom equally 
i maybe buy if it is iPod touch with call capability.
i really like iPod touch its very slim.
i think this is good news.. lover cost in invisible parts.. but the quality of touch and speed should keep the same. and low profits for only company will help too to consumers.. my first time +1 related to Apply products..
I praise apple for the way apps function on their devices. However in a year I have grown bored now. There needs to be more change in the software rather than the hardware. 
I thought all iPhones that were ever released are already low-end phones
Apple already uses slave labor to build it; how much less expensive can they make it?  Are they going to use prisoner labor to build it now?
finally, apple (and the iphone users) threw away their pride in innovation (and marketing)....
Cheap iphone? It's made in China a anyway so it'll make sense
Cheaper mean less exclusive and chew up cheaper market segment and throwing in more legal suits, more happy legal firms. 
No thanks, Apple won't see my money. I'll rather buy Nexus or Note when my subscription expires.
Only if it has the same functions as the other iPhones.
It depends if the ios becomes more advanced a little like androis maybe...

Happy with the Android environment, thanks 
If they do, Apple will be screwed. It's actually funny to watch.
I think apple would eat away d market across d world in nxt few yrs....
No. I don't buy low end phones. To me it makes owning a smartphone frustrating. 

eg. Look at Android users that whinge about how much Android sucks and lags when they use a a super low-end phone. 

If you want a smartphone, get a good one
Lower quality then they already have? Great. Cant see why people buy their junk. 
Hmm it buy or not to buy . For me I'm not iPhone fan. So nope for me. 
+Kyle certeza my high end Note 2 lags and sucks just like a cheap ass crapsung handset <___>
Pay money to have the pleasure of iOS... seriously... lol!
I got a iPad 2 today
What this says to me (if true), is "We're seriously threatened by the competition, and since we haven't had much success litigating, our last option is to be competitive on price instead of on features:

Apple are no longer the top dog, now that Android has advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of features, apps and usability.

Time to innovate again, Apple!
Apple doesn't need lower end.  They need to grasp at being the best innovator.  Time for a new look at the future of their OS.  Time for a new look at the future needs and wants of the consumer.  And it's time to step away from the competition and bring in the new...
they already mastered low tech phones with no innovation just need to bring the price down to reflect what they offer
It just an upgrade in an ipod. Then they call the ijobs so they can sell it to those Icrap followers. The casing will have a special feature of jobs ass so they can kiss it. 
Is apple slipping that bad? Fantastic!
Now you will see hipsters meeting in gas stations for a bargain coffee and to brag about how their magical new idevice changed the world
Wow,  i hate people that sit here and talk shit about things they dont even understand. If u dont like apple then wtf do u care if they come out with a new phone or not, keep your mouth shut and stick to your bottom of the barrel yard sale trash. I have an android but i use both. and just because everyone else fights over which is better doesnt mean the you have to choose which side to take. but yall take it to another level with that shit. 
I don't knowwhat can be more low end than the 4s. The iPhone 5 is a joke anyways. 
My guess is this is in response to carriers moving toward pre-paid service and non-subsidised plans. People would probably be surprised on the actual cost Apple charges for an iPhone.
t-mobile has unl data prepaid plans for $30 on the web i guess for 35 bucks or something 
Apple getting desperate!!!
1 apple vs 300 androids.. Competition.. ( still people buy IPhones) anyone care to give an answer
+Liu Puebla Android dominates world market share over iPhone. Feel free to read an article. 
U still have not answer my question... Why people still but IPhone ... Notice is One phone 
iphones have a great set of aftermarket accessories ...  every dock stereo port cart port is designed for iphones and ipods.  
Stability , apps, design ... Worldwide Reputation... One Phone....
Now they have to redesign because of the new port which will cost you more money to spend on that crap. May be one phone. But that phone dominates you. 
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