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Apple’s rumored budget iPhone could be a plastic hybrid of the iPhone 5, touch, and classic. If so, do you think you'll get one? -
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I'll give the X10 a shot before i give iOS a third shot. 
It's not the hardware that's tired on the iPhone, it's the Operating System. It's so tired and boring. When I go from my (soon to be sold) iPad to my Nexus 7 it feels like a 500% upgrade. 
People keep spreading this dumb rumor of a 'budget' iPhone. Apple has already confirmed they have no plans on creating one. 
+ALAN SMITH If you have been following Apple you should know that the perfect indicator to know if they are going to do something, is if they say they aren't going to do it. 

Video iPods, iPad mini the list goes on and on of products they said they would never release, then did just months later. 
S Mann
+Cole Longó cheap????
I think the article is about the electronics giant apple. You must be thinking of the fruit apple.
and i bet its going to cost as much as a nexus 4
No way. There is nothing my nexus 4 can't do that an iPhone claims to be able to do. Why would I buy lower quality shit?
There's plenty of plastic copies you can already buy from China ;-)
iPhone poor people edition only $599 for the 64GB version!
I don't believe that Apple is making a budget phone. Also that looks a lot like my Nexus 4 from the side.
Android!!Never would i buy a plastic phone.
Like every phone is made out of plastic or glass practically.
I don't know why anyone would want a "cheap" iPhone when the whole brand is built on perceived exclusivity and style?
If you do get one, don't expect the existing Apple Mob to accept you. I can hear them all now..."lol, look at that loser with the cheap model". 
+Mike Eads, I agree. That's why I don't believe this particular rumor. It doesn't fit in with Apple's business model. Even an executive from Apple said it wasn't going to happen.

Why would it? If its all about budget, Apple would just continue to sell the iPhone 3GS and 4. They both are considered old news and at a price point to now be budget friendly. 
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