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Eating their own pie. Finally.
I wish we could all just move forward... 
you must be kidding.  our legal system is a gamble and people do play it like the lottery.  not that I'm defending apple, but you misunderstand the state of patent litigation.
Diego D
Haha ! POW ! Right in the Kisser !
That much money at Apple is a petty cash voucher...
LOL, reap what you sow....
KARMA is a bit cheaper ain't it!! 
I knew all this litigation crap would come back and bite them in the ass. They deserve everything they get. 
"Can't catch a break"?? ...pft..Please
You tell me, who's stealing? Samsung? I heard it all the time: "Robbers hate other robbers". Way to go Apple. Eat all you can!
I don't like patent trolls, but when they sue/get sued by other patent trolls there's a twisted justice to it.
It goes both ways, maybe they will calm down a bit with the incessant patent litigation and focus more on their customers? I havent seen anything revolutionary since the iPhone 5 (which was for its day), but everybody else has caught up. Time to innovate or die. 
Oh Dear Apple, you made your bed now you lye in it! Have a taste of your own medicine....

About time arrogant Apple gets cut down some.
What goes around comes around.
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
You reap what you sow.
Pandora's Box.
However you like to look at it.
U guys actually CARE about this!?!?
+Brandon R iPhone 5 was revolutionary? LOL name one thing that was revolutionary about it, meaning nobody had done it before or had a significant impact.
The cash nade from iphone 5 phssss gone nw damn ( u win some.........u lose some)
The cash made from iphone 5 phssss gone nw damn ( u win some.........u lose some)
+Jason Stewart holy crap well played!! Damn near sprayed my tablet with soda.
People don't quote that movie nearly enough. May have to do with the world record number of f bombs.
Let's hope that this is the beginning of the end for Apple! 
Actually a pretty good metaphore by +Nate Swanner .

The reality is that it is not a matter of bad luck that Apple is having these problems but rather bad management.

And notably this is not a post-Jobs problem:

"...I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong...I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."  (Steve Jobs)

The company should have never let Job's emotions (or his medication) get the best of him that way.  After all the company has it's own fumbled history in this area that should have guided it to at least do something differently this time.  Instead they are following the same control-freak model that lost them the PC wars in the 80's.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
All I can say about this is...

+Nate Swanner, you should definitely relax.

(I think we could turn this into a meme without too much effort...)
what a world full of gabbled justice.
Trying to feel sorry for them....Nope, can't do it.  

Now, schadenfreude?  That I can feel!  
+Seth Blystone too many people commented about irrelevant stuff when the mini-meme began that +Nate Swanner more than likely relaxed. However, your sage like advice is worth noting, and if Mr Swanner is indeed not relaxed, now would be an ideal time to do so.
CrApple. Give up NOW whilst you still have SOME dignity left..
It's consumers that end up paying in the end as all the costs will get passed on to the products, and these tit-for-tat lawsuit just stiffle innovation. All software should be open source and only hardware patented, then consumers win as we get cheaper goods with the best software
Can I get 10% of that money for reading this post at least?..
What goes around, comes around.
Still.. I rather be an american company than an overseas company. They all do the same..... screw us big time but at least the workeras earn their money here and SPEND IT HERE IN THE US!
What goes around comes around
What's good for the Goose..  Just Sayin'
Mar Cel
Suck it apple!
Apple finally getting some of what they deserve
Good for them. Can't say I'll be at all sad when they crumble
That's crazy it's there's why?
I suppose that's what you get if you keep suing everyone.
These patent wars week after week use to get right up my goat!!!
What did they do to deserve that? Ohh... right...
Funny reading people who hate apple. Just as bad as extremist Muslims hating the west. Get a life. 
368 is pocket change for them, plus they keep using FaceTime, so no real damage other than a "1" in the loss column.
Just doesn't get funny anymore. You think apple called ye haters mums a whore. It's just a company, they don't own it. Not got much going on in there life to make
Comments like that.

Flag burning next.
Really?? "Apple can't catch a break?"  How about, "Apple doesn't yet realize that their patent lawsuits are a tad bogus."
Jason G
Haha apple sucks lol
You live by the sword; you die by the sword.
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Nothing. But a money making campaign. Big money does what they.want. just like the government 
How sweet the fragrance
Of well-deserved justice
And bitter the fruit (no pun intended - mostly)
Of drinking your own medicine.
Ryan R.
Well, this doesn't affect their loyal customers, they will still buy anything from them regardless. :D:D:D
The patent system is broken and those patents shouldn't have been granted because they're basically a vacuous description of an method of establishing a secure client to client connection. Anyone with any rudimentary knowledge of networking, even at the time those were granted, would have rejected them. That being said, I still find it mildly amusing that Apple, who has been acting like a patent troll lately and has a lot of equally crappy patents, had this happen. 
They're just another RIM waiting to happen!!
Good Apple borough this on them self. Serves them right.
Catch a break!?! Don't talk shite. TechCrunch Apple ButtMunch!
cocky apple not so high and mighty any more
It's what happens when you call the cops about your drunk neighbors and stand outside with a joint in your hand waiting for them to come... Brought it on themselves... dumbasses
You can find 368 million under couch cushions at apple hq

I'm an android fan but I don't hate apple
Your right Nate swanner nobody was talking about a blackjack table except you so I guess your the idiot
finally, the REAL cheaters are caught! 
Yes yes, crapple getting served yet again, last week Motorola suit lost, before then the UK told crapple to correct their arrogant apology and now this, serves them right! At last, things are not going according to crapple. 
Many people will think this is great. But in my opinion any software patent trolling that is successful is a bad thing.
That's what happens when you rip off tech from other great companies instead of giving credit and licensing fee's where they're do. Apple has built some cool stuff on the backs of other people's innovations, I hope they get what they deserve.
I don't wish apple to be wiped off the planet, but I hope they do learn there lesson. And let me tell you something, apple is going to get sued over and over.
Don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

As I Sit In This Second Floor Lobby Of My College's Satellite Campus, And I See Two People With Their MacBook Pros, I Silently Laugh As I Type This Message On My HTC Evo 4G LTE. I Walk Outside, Light A Cigarette, Look Up And Think "Justice Is Sweet Indeed." . . . . . .lulz
But'em, but'em !
You must be one of the creative ones....
D Smart
Lawyers be laughen! 
I truthfully have a low amount of tolerance for them anyway but i really hope they pay after the money they earned from samsung
Doubt it will bother Apple in the slightest. 
At some stage all of these court cases need to stop otherwise no one will ever produce anything new for fear of a legal battle. 
Apple dosent care who they walk on stomp on or piss on 
Awwwwww too bad Apple ...... boo hoo 
That's great because I want draw a mouth and glue some eyes on my dick so I can talk to you.
Cool someone actually took a bite out of Apple.
I laughed as I read this on my Samsung Galaxy SIII
All the android idiots on google + would love this to bad nobody uses google+!! Don't even know why I have a delete it soon its lame and the people on here w there shitty android hardware and malware suck!!
What goes around comes around. My heart bleads.
I like Apple because it's made in America just like Chuck Norris. 
I'm loving the fact that apple is loosing a lot of lawsuits... (you play with fire long enough, you'll get burned)
Litigious Apple get litigated against? can't say I'm surprised
Hell yes! As they say...what comes around goes around...rotten apple :-)
The guy who was in charge of apple maps got fired, and now this. Wow Apple...
I love seeing these kind of things happening to Apple. I'm not trying to be mean, but they really deserve this. They sued a POLISH GROCERY STORE too...
"Apple can't catch a break in the courts right now."
Good. Their money shouldn't buy them breaks.
bummer for Apple fans, the next iPhone will probably cost $1100 to get them back on track. Also, lol at people who think iPhones are made in America. 
Ya. fuck you Apple, suing people like crazy, this is what you get.
So wait, the one innovative thing Apple "invented" in the past two year that I gave them credit for... they didn't even make?
I think Apple's coolaid went bad and the Apple has a nasty worm eroding from the Apple. LMAO. Karma's a bitch. ;-) 
I like to hear that! Apple, you deserve that and nobody will feel sorry for you.

Because this is the example you has set and now everybody follows! Congratulation Apple!
+Troy Lauffer  lol tell me about it.. I will enjoy Nexus 4 with twice the  specs of iPhone5, will be paying, what?? $299..:D
Apple wants to play dirty, they better prepare to get dirty themselves. This is what anyone gets when they play around in the courtrooms for too long. A big mess. Karma, you bitch, make me a drink! :) 
At Least Steve Jobs doesn't have to deal with this! 
Welp they started it. So no sympathy for them now
Scott E
Apple is simply getting what they deserve after strong arming everyone else. And it's not over yet - their stock is the lowest it's been since May and the last product announcement was a huge disappointment to consumers - the iPad mini is a joke next to the Nexus 7, and they got a huge, deserved backlash with the maps debacle.
This patent thing is absurd...having read the patent, the company, virnetX, just own 20 patents...?
Was about time to get something back Apple and this is what you deserve.

APPLE, will lost all their cases as long its NOT Lucy Koh is the judge...
Yeah, great invention, now everyone gets to see everyone else's dirty living arrangements that we previously knew nothing about. Apple should have invented a white backdrop screen to go behind everyone that turns.. on... facetime.....COPYRIGHT!
ro rafu
now the people realized that apple did not invent the technology in the world
The world of the patents. Everyone have one and everyone wish the one of the others
apple: screw making phones! Let's just sue everyone else and fund our company!
What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? A half of a worm in your apple. 
Apple is going downhill. You can see it in all the loses they're taking right now. From court decisions to market shares.
Curt P.
Apple has had this coming for some time, and now it's coming in waves. Pretty funny.
When you sue the world, sometimes the world fights back. 
That judge needs to be investigated. He was most likely paid off by Google and the stupid fandroid community. 
Karma is really biting Apple's behind right now.
First it was the iFone is Mexico, now this?
You really don't get the court system Nate Swanner, it ain't all cut and dry like everybody thinks

Looks to me just like tech money being passed around.
Yes! It was only a matter of time! Down the drain apple! 
Nice! As much as I dislike Apple, this is good news! 
Apple can't catch a break? Have you seen the frivolous lawsuits that Apple has been doing? They deserve way worse. This company does nothing but take advantage of it customers by charging way more than their products are worth and then suing their competitors for the stupidest things because they can't come up with anything new anymore. Get with it Techcrunch. 
...the penalty seems to taste real good!... 
+Justen Robertson I actually think it's a little cooler because it's not two massive companies. While chump change for Apple, I'm sure it felt like dealing a knock out punch for the little guy
A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. 
As much as I dislike apple's policies and products, I can't say this is a good thing. Patent trolling has to stop, period. This is even worse than apple winning their phony lawsuit - apple at least makes products. These patent trolls do nothing but on their patents and do nothing, waiting to find the next victim to sue. They do nothing to advance anything other than their lawyers careers and fatten their pockets. I want to be happy about apple getting some of their own medicine, but looking at the bigger picture, this is disturbing.
It says a lot about Apple that it is the only company that makes consumer products that people are happy to see losing to a "patent troll." That's a sign of poor public relations if I've ever seen one. 
Personally I like Apple and their related products, though its nice to see patents being upheld.
ya apple eat hamster penis and poo poo's
What happens when apple plays evil to sue other companies for what? To build an apple empire underwater? 
In your face this time! 
Bic Mac
Take that dead blow jobs! Idiotic child!
Did Apple knowingly infringe on the patents? How can it be patent infringement if they didn't know that the patents existed? It is possible for two different people to have the same great idea...
Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Reap what you sew apple instead of being creative and innovative they're too worried about what the other cell tech companies are doing out there jealousy on apples part if you ask me there losing court battles in other countries too. Haha
They just got a apple hating judge or one that's getting paid on the side to go against apple.
Good they need to be taken down. There the new micro soft of the 21 centry
So because apple make a success of a technology no one has done anything with it gets sued. Patents are complete shit and should have a far sooner expiry date. There are patents holding back innovation.
You would of thought in todays developments all these patents would of been shared/accepted for use on all phones.
Though I like apple product still I find that this was coming .. byte this has to stop somewhere ... in all this the consumers are the one who are getting hurt
Van T
Those stupid patent war has to stop. Still extremely happy to see Apple receive what they try to force on others though.
Face time is old news now. Who cares. Every phone will have it in 2 months anyway. Weather apple or Samsung or who ever. And really how many people use it anyway. Just another bunch of billionaires fighting over billions of dollars in a very competive, probably the most competive market. And in the end we will all pay for it. Well we are. 
You didn't build that....
apple is on the same hill as Nokia was a few years ago... it's easy to become a winner but to become a champion... you need to think over and above winning. ...
U guys are so dumb if you even care about this dumb stuff
They never felt so vulnerable. Must be a bitter pill hard to swallow.
I think Apple will concentrate on innovation and less on incessant patent court actions.
Before you ask, I am an IOS faithful... 
apple doesn't deserve a break...
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