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Dear gadget gods, 

Please make sure this smartwatch is actually made. 

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Every thing is getting smart... I miss stupid gadgets that don't invade my privacy.. 
Sony developed also a smart watch if I'm not mistaken.
so now i "need" a smart watch, smart phone, 7" tablet, 10" tablet, ultrabook, and a computer?
What time is it... when an elephant sits on your smart watch?
My basic watch works just fine. If I want my smart phone I'll do the extra work and pull it out if my pocket. 
Why do I need Android to have a phone the size of / built into a watch?
WITH my reading glasses I sometimes find it challenging to read my Motorola 4 screen.  And someone expects people with +40 eyes to read THAT tiny screen.  Ha!
Definitely a no thanks over here...completely unnecessary!
"From there, the Neptune Pine can measure all of your health information, including heart rate, pace, calories burned, distance, and your position"

Facebook is wetting itself with excitement.
No.. You don't NEED them all. But if you are going to buy a watch to wear on your wrist... Why not a smart watch that could potentially take and make calls/video calls, record audio, Bluetooth mp3s, etc.

Why not? We live in a cyber tech world.. Get used to it. Either that or start yelling at kids to get off your lawn.
Way to much, not interested in a non-waterproof watch that's gonna break the first time I forget it an get to the shower or spill a drink or stir a streaming pot on the stove... 
who the hell wears a watch?  lol...  i have time in 10,000 different places lol.
Jag Rip
While my smartphone hardly manages to survive on battery for 48 hours? Not practical enough, though the Idea of Leelas Wrist-Computer is kinda thrilling.. :-)
+Christopher Li-Reid

People stopped wearing watches because they used to only be useful for telling what time it is. Now a wrist gadget could have far more uses... Faster for answering and making calls (especially with a blue tooth earpiece or headphones), could be great for recording audio, could be useful for a quick shazam or sound hound search, video calling would be sweet, could be used as an MP3 player or pandora radio, etc. etc. I would use one and I will buy a smart watch if not this one... 
+Justin Thiel didn't live through the 80s did you with piano watches, remote watches and calculator watches? lol although for the last 10 years they've had USB watches and stuff...

but I can't think of a moment when I would have my watch but not my phone ....but still neat concept.
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