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I could sworn that he already had a twitter account and that he posted his first tweet a couple years ago. . . . it made headlines in news.
So, how long before he gets his account hacked and hijacked?
Never used Twitter, never will.
+Claude Ndahayo Considering that it involves the head of an organization [that is often touted as being extremely backwards by most of those with a serious stake or interest in tech] embracing one of the most widely used social networks, I think it qualifies.
As a comparison, how about the mythical 'linux desktop?'  "XXXX will be the year of the linux desktop" is at near-meme status amongst the linux crowd.  The acceptance or rejection of any given tech by the general populace or notable figures within the general populace certainly has a notable affect on the entire field.

Lot of Catholics living in the developed world.  The Pope's embracing twitter could possibly mean a boom of general interest in tech amongst the catholic population, which is not a demographic to be discounted.
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