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Amazon launches Instant Video for Nintendo Wii. Any Wii fans? -
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And not for Android? WTF Amazon?
Move over Netflix for Wii - Amazon is taking over! 
Yeah wtf? The wii? Seriously? And no Google tv app? 
Wow.... How do they justify that? The Wii is the oldest tech in my house, and the only non computer to get this? 
Reading this story while watching Mad Men on Netflix in Canada. Unless Amazon stops thinking us canadians aren't deserving for any service, they can forget me paying for their god them prime service, far inferior to the american same service (and same price).
Snark, snark. Amazon Instant Video is on the PS3, the Xbox 360, and the Wii U. ”Oh, but what about me? I'm someone that lives somewhere with a device not mentioned here!”
+Paul Ireland Err... what?  It's on PC, Wii, Wii U, PS3, 360, Kindle Fire, Roku, iOS devices, numerous TVs and blu-ray players, and more.  The only major platform that it's still missing from is regular Android.
+Justin Welenofsky He means that to watch Amazon Instant on the 360, you have to pay an additional fee to Microsoft in addition to paying for the service itself.
So angry! Social networking about a streaming movie service, of all things.

On a related note, it's good to see the Wii still being supported.
Deleted my post... Sorry, I was remarkably irritated...

+Brian Allen I have a 360, as well as the Wii. I use pretty much all of Amazon's services including Amazon mom... Including the streaming video service on my pc's and TV.

Between my wife and I we have 7 "pure android" devices. Barring the commodore 64 on a shelf in my garage (which may or may not work) the Wii is easily the oldest tech we own.

The Android devices (at least one for each of us) go every where with us, double as gaming consoles, TV's and general connectivity devices. So yeah, I fail completely to see why anyone is developing a paid service like this for the Wii. I rarely use my computers since android 4.2, I use the 360 even less, and I honestly don't remember the last time I powered up the Wii.
The wii can be software modded to do ALOT...I have mine setup as a media server through wiimc( a tiny program that allows streaming as well as playback of dvds and digital media such as flash drives, I also put wiiflow on mine which acts as a use loader that I took a 500 gb hard drive and put 175 wifi games on....loads faster, no more scratched/broken disks...note! wiis will not play DVDS no matter how much you hack em...its built into the hardware, not the firmware
S Mann
+David Bliss care to share how? :D
Mine is modded but doesnt accept HD's higher than a certain size. is there a new mod out?
be interested to know about the wiimc mod. is it on homebrew?
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