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In praise of dangerous toys -
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Funny thing is that you can really build a small nuclear reactor from smoke alarms and some aluminum foil.

Science rox
....radiation burn on the side of the boys face......
I don't mind a little fission in my bedroom when I was a kid. 
playing jarts taught you to pay attention
Geez, made gun powder and Florida water as a youth with one of these
My sister bought one of these from a flea market. It had a radiation shield . Basically a piece of black paper. Lol. Safety be damned in the 50s chem sets.
I don't see what's wrong with that toy.  Why would it be unsafe?
+Paul Plate I'm sure you  one gets more radiation exposure from the TSA exray and body scanner machines.  Thatn you would from what ever is 50+ years into it's half life.
+Michael Miller that toy is "unsafe" to the corporation that manufactures it, since they would be deluged with frivolous lawsuits.
In those days they were not dangerous because the government didn't fear the people, today is way around, everything is dangerous, even thinking. 'Don't think just trust me, I am your friend '
+José López well, I was not thinking about the government so much as I was thinking about corporations. As in that lady who sued McDonalds for being served hot coffee, and won.
The corporation doesn't care if it is a jury or something else that inflicts the financial damage, the fact that the damage is possible makes the product "unsafe" for the corporation to manufacture and distribute.
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