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Xin Lin
too expensive about iphone 5 
Apple have created and grown the whole category. So a loss in overall market share is expected, they still get the vast majority of the profit in the category and they define the category which is an incredible place to be in. hardly bad news. 
Not for long.  Remember Atari? Nintendo?  And Sony's Playstation?  If Apple can't keep innovating, it will be the next Nintendo.  I remember there was a time when Apple almost died, before they got Jobs back.  Now that he's passed on again, looks like Apple is already losing its edge, quickly.
There are two sects - your average Chinese citizen who won't buy it because it's overpriced and overrated. Then there's the few who fly to NYC to buy $15,000 prada handbags and are more concerned with image than common sense. They will buy the iphone and anything else with a brand label that screams elitism.
Go apple go
Concuer the world with your overprized shitty gadget n say youre the real innovator while everyone know now that you only stealing others innovation then patent it to sue every others company LOL
Apple blows ... without Unix they wouldn't even be here anymore ...and If it wasn't for MSFT maybe the idiocy rate wouldn't be as high
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