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I am on Pinterest and I love it!! 
Interesting. Given the number of people talking about it and the amount of activity I'm seeing when I sign in, I would say these findings match my personal observations to. For example, within a few minutes this morning one of the pictures I posting on G+ and reposted on Pinterest had received 11 likes. I was actually shocked when I went and looked at the numbers.
This has more to do with the way Pinterest links pictures to it's boards. So that every time a board is viewed with a linked picture it counts as a page-view for the original site. So the referral numbers might be slightly inflated because most people aren't actually going to the site that hosts the image. I will say this images do get more clicks than links and the visual nature of Pinterest is helping with the referrals back the originating site.
Isn't Pinterest like the social networking version of scrapbooking?
Not scrapbooking so much as visual bookmarking. It doesn't have to be only about the images themselves, but the recipes, ideas, DIYs they link through to. Plus, discovery is fun and easy for the more visually-oriented.
with all the stuff surrounding the copyright policy there, I have pretty much suspended using Pinterest until they get their crap together
pfff, do I have to? I suppose I do, pfff
no not yet its just a waste of your time but my mom adores it
Pinterest is more appealing to women, and that's no accident. I'm on it, but I have no idea what to pin on my pinboard.
Men have lots of visual interests as well as women. What do you love Baker, pin away.
I've been trying out Pinterest and I like what it does for branding. I wasn't aware of all of the activity that you can generate just by being interesting. I'm going to put some time in and see what I can do with it.
+Penny Bergstrom scientists suppose that men are perhaps more visual than women, but pinterest seems to turn that notion over on its head.
Hah I've just decided that from now on I'll be a late adopter. Feels grand!
Yes and the logo looks like the Phillies Logo
No interest.... TOS isn't very cool for the end user.
TOS? Not cool? I wouldn't read much into that. Of course violating someone else's copyright makes you entirely liable. That's no reason to delete your account. Some people want to share their creative work, some don't.
i opened an account, read their TOS and decided i'd rather not like to get sued nor would i allow them to have permission to sell any photos i pin for advertising.
The way the legal world spins these days, doesn't matter right or wrong, the person or corporation who has the most money wins in the end. If you want your bank account drained or harassed by a bunch of lawyer thugs, by all means, go for it. +Yas Mean good point, I forgot about that one ;)
Rob i'm worried about my own stuff getting pinned by friends I mean I'm not a pro by any means but i think i would kill something if i found them using my photos without my permission because someone gave them permission by pinning them.
chad o
People worrying about the TOS are being ridiculous. Of course you're responsible for the stuff you post. How is that any different from any other site? If you post a picture on google+, or post a video on youtube, or post a picture on reddit (via imgur) it will be you, not google/youtube/reddit/imgur that will be sued.

No one ever gets sued for posting images on the internet. In the worst case someone will send a DMCA post and ask pinterest to take it down.

I'm normally annoyed by all these 'hot new social networks' that come out but the grief pinterest is getting over this is ridiculous.
and in other news, shareaholic generates less than 1 percent of traffic.
The first 85 social networks were enough.
I dont know i just cant get in to pinterest. i dont connect with it.
+chad o it's not the sharing that's the problem. It's the permission you are granting Pinterest which is for them to sell that photo for advertising purposes. You are responsible for what you post on any site but no other site is selling your photos. so yeah the TOS scares me because they've gone beyond any other social network into the marketing world.
chad o
+Yas Mean Interesting, although certainly that has been something that facebook has been doing, right?
+chad o actually no. all advertising is done via those who purchase advertising and use their own photos. i looked into advertising on fb for my etsy page. they have many different levels but they don't sell photos on fb.
chad o
+Yas Mean facebook has a bunch of different advertising options. One of them actually involved automatically using people's friends pictures. They got sued over it, and won
nice to know about this thing but actually no I don't want to be in it
I'm so srry
+chad o I'm aware of their history and how they function. It's one of the reasons why i have removed myself from fb completely. It doesn't really matter though. This post is about Pinterest.
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Hmm interesting m, I never even heard if it until I read this post
What is "referral traffic", and is it important to me?
i didn't like pinterest at all...its boring!!
I see Google is paying $2 billion for it most worthless purchase Google has made this year. Anyone can set up a Refrig magnet site with drive by comments Its a cross between next spam haven or Sears Catalog
I just want an invitation to pinterest to try
could someone send me an invitation to pinterest, would appreciate it a lot
Pinterest has a lot of traction. I like it that it is very niche and helpful.
Can someone send me an invite, I hear all the buzz about would like to see what Pinterest is all about.
I think getting someone to send an invitation to pinterest going to be a problem, I just want the invitation because my wife wants to treat it, if someone can be so kind to send me an invitation would greatly appreciate it
just sign up the email just takes about six hours to arrive no real line just the velvet rope night club trick to create demand by invite only
I did everything on the page and put me on a waiting list that can take weeks, according to information from the page, I think it would be faster if someone sent the invitation
I used #pinterest but got scared by the copyright stuff so removed most of my posts, the only ones I have left are ones that were pinned from a page with a pinterest button mostly #etsy pages
Why would we ever use Pinterest when we're on Google+? Seems like Pinterest is an answer to a question nobody asked.
I've got my invite & will sign up over the weekend! I'll let you know how it goes!
Wow, really, +Tyler West? Twitter would be more useful if it weren't for the limit. But since I don't know Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and I'm not fluent yet in Cherokee, I don't have the mad skills in a language that uses ideograms or a syllabary instead of an alphabet. Because English is relatively sparse, it makes Twitter content-free in that language.
+Tyler West: The problem with that is that it's very difficult to fit an intelligent thought on any subject into 140 characters. It's impossible to do that, and include hashtags and a link you can actually tell what it is in that space.

Heck, it takes more than 140 characters to even explain it's shortcomings!
Expressing yourself in 140 characters is good practice, I rarely bother to read fb style monologues that go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...
+Paul Johnson Short URLs were invented for twitter style conversations, and at least for the pros, hash tags always fit happily in the body of the tweet
pinterest shows that user experience is the last mile of a success story
Yeah but whats the conversion ratio on the websites....thats the real question. Are they driving the person to purchase pages, registration pages, or other conversion methods?
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