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Presenting your 2012 #Olympic men's USA Basketball team:

Five 2008 gold medalists return with the final 12-man roster set as: Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams

What do you think of the lineup and who are you most looking forward to seeing play together? 
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Kobe and LeBron; Griffin and Durant.....the whole team looks impressive....
Very athletic roster, but not many low-post big men. Hopefully athleticism and speed will trump the need for size. 
that's why the most respected, famous and highest paid athlete in America is a Jewish British man: David Beckham... not to mention most of the pro teams are owned by non Americans... LOL.... how can silly fat people compete? simple: they cant. OWNED
Way to many egos... they might get the podium but I doubt they'll get gold
Wow who are you and what sports are you referring to +Stephen Kershaw. The USA consistently takes home the most medals of any country at the Olympics. We are contenders in many sports for the summer Olympics. May I remind you of our Swimming team dominance in '08 or our Men's Volleyball Indoor and Beach, Women's Volleyball Beach, Several Track and Field Events, Gymnastics All Around, Women's Soccer, Women's Doubles Tennis. You picked a poor place to voice your opinion this is a #TEAMUSA post we will be cheering loudly and showing off our medals when we take gold in several events as we always do. Sorry for your jelousy American and proud. 
How come they never talk about table tennis? I rarely see it during the Olympics, let alone regularly during season. Okay, I know it's not a mainstream sport here in the U.S., but during the Winter Olympics, Curling is all over the tv!!
The first time Basketball was a sport at the Olympics was during the 1936 Berlin Olympics (hosted under the Nazi flag)... this was also the first time that the of running the Olympic torch through the country was done; it was a Nazi idea that is still done to this day.
+Stephen Kershaw  Any further comments from you will be deemed ignorant, close minded bs. You clearly know nothing about sports or the United States your just some troll trying to stir the pot by talking bad about the United States. Do you shit green also? You could not be more envious or jealous of us it shows, but honestly I would be too when we are so clearly dominant. You don't garner all that hate by being the worst. USA ALL THE WAY!! #TEAMUSA  The game basketball was invented in America at a YMCA. Americans own the most popular teams in their country. Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys American, George Steinbrenner American RIP American Owner of Yankee's those are the United States two most popular sports teams you dope.  Many teams are too expensive and have shared ownership by Americans and people from other countries. Our highest paid athletes are American. Umm LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and many others are paid more than David Beckham. Your here bashing on our fat athletes but you have yet to show any support for your own country are you too ashamed or embarrassed to admit that. Get off your high horse and come slum it up with the rest of us fool. 
I just wished Davis hadn't gotten injured..
+Stephen Kershaw David Beckham's Grandpa was Jewish, that's it.
He has said he has had more contact with Judaism than any other Religion (he used to go to a Christian Church as a child) - that does not make him a Jew.
+Manuel Armijo Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one in the rest of the World really plays basketball - it is nowhere near any of the World's top sports. And in terms of pay, again, it is nowhere near the top of the table.
+Leon Chevalier  basketball is the second most popular sport in the world of course football or as we call it in america soccer is #1 but the world has played basketball for a while even more now since Michael, Magic and Birds Dream Team 
Ya the first popular word is Jesus and Thanking him for all of the things in life
yes that is your basketball player in that of field
I still don't like professional athletes in the Olympics.

Americans used to love the sometimes unfair endeavours, ie our developing youth vs your pro mercenary athlete. The victories reminded us that we have more greatness than we know.
+Troy Inch you can't do that anymore, we have coaches from here pro coaches and camps plus film that we sent to different countries to teach them the game. plus a lot of these teams have played together for years and they are grown men lol college kids would get killed nowadays.
+Leon Chevalier Please be careful, Im not judging you or anything like that... but this is really the wrong forum to express your anti Semitic remarks.

+Janice L. Parker Please keep your mythological beliefs and folklore private... "jesus" has nothing to do with reality and what we call normal, sane thinking.
+Stephen Kershaw People should keep God out of post's that have zero to do with the content of the thread then.

It wasn't anti-semitic either, it was anti-religion in general - it just came across that way. All naughty sky monsters are idiots - Happy now? :-)
+Leon Chevalier Yes, I am aware that you werent making any anti semitic remarks, but its a debate the tactic of just out and out falsely accuse someone of something vile and their responses will take on a defensive tone, that makes them look guilty of said accusation, although the public forgets what was said in the first place.  I call it the Fox Limbaugh tactic.  One of the best red herring devices.

Anti Semite, racist, terrorist, communist, nazi, anti democracy are a few such labels... or conspiracy theories fitting a particular and specific situation like say an elected official and their birth certificate
Nice team, time to bring home the Gold
tht is a gold medal team times 30
+Stephen Kershaw I like your thinking my friend - I can't deny I haven't been guilty of the same tactic in the past.
The 'Fox Limbaugh' handle seems to fit like a glove though :-)

It was good chatting mate.
Looks awfully good to me. Go USA!
Ditto, always, for all of our atheletes!!!
a ton of hi-lo combos in that mix, it will be interesting to see the rotation. For me, it will be exciting to see Lebron, Durant, & Carmelo on the floor together (not sure it will happen, but if it does get out of the way...)
Wrong Michael Jordan dream team was the best ever all this player have the biggest ego .hope they remember that they are representing the country not themselves
That team is SICK....!!!!! We should win it all.....!!!!! Go Team USA...!!!!!
definetly team USA is getting the gold medal in basketball.
this team looks like a gold medal team go usa basketball and the best basketball coach go get them coach K good luck and go duke
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