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GOLD! +Team GB's Jade Jones has won Team GB's first taekwondo Gold. She beat China's Yuzhuo Hou in the Final of the Women's -57kg. She won 6-4 PTF. 

Congratulations Jade!
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She is a beauty, you are amazing JJ.
So happy! Get a gold postbox in our home town now!
Congratulations Jade! You kicked ass! :) x
Amazing from Jade, she's from down the road from me!
Fantastic stuff.  So pleased for Jade and her family.
Team G/B are ALL DAY no more A1 and plus still are on Top of there game For all of the 2012 Olympic games and there's NO FAT LADY'S SINGING YET.   ("!")  G25,S13,B14 More to come? for Are greatest team ever G/B.
Gold post box in North Wales! Well done, Jade, nice to see so much enthusiasm.
(Wales have always made good boxers/fighters +more.) Are FOOTBALL team G/B to me needed more from all the England's players as they where a lot more of them in the team?. (Where as your boy's played good every game that we played as G/B.) I Wish We/Eng- wood-of-matched your-Wales where all up for it.uN- like all the England players shooed of tried to match the Wales players we wood of bean a top a soccer team as"G'B MEN'S"But we did not.-So-WELL-DUNN as the only one of all are counters that made it good for all team G/B games. Wales players, When played did a lot better.
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