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#1. Hipsters Will Never Be Camped Outside

Even the night before a major Microsoft launch, the entrance to each Microsoft Store will be clear of adoring masses of technologically-savvy consumers.
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9: Being able to play video games.
10: Being able to afford clothes after buying a PC with a 1ghz processor.
11: Mice with 2 buttons.
I really don't understand these Microsoft jokes... everyone claims to have problems with their windows based PC. I feel like the average Joe and I never have these problems Mac people seem to complain about. I have had 3 computers in my life and all of them PC windows based. I have never taken a computer to a "genius bar" for repairs or called someone to fix it In fact 2 still operate just fine, the only reason I dont still use it is because the hardware is pretty outdated. I did have my video card die once, but I went to best buy got a new video card and changed it myself with no computer experience. I think that speaks volumes about how simple and useful a PC is.
wait until they have to load bootcamp to use windows because their system does not support it.
iPeople are "tech savvy"? I'd hate to be the person who thinks that...
Windows jokes need an update.
Dear Team CoCo,
Please stop. You only wish you were that nerdy.
+Jason Kalka ahem Geeky, thank you very much. The term that you were looking for is geeky. They are nerds. They only WISH they were geeks.
Amusing the number of people who apparently feel personally attacked by jokes targeting the Microsoft stores... as if their church was in Redmond, WA. And +Mark Secare, what do those three things have to do with a list about the stores? Your dig about mouse buttons is also 10 years too late.
"Your dig about mouse buttons is also 10 years too late."

I was sticking to the theme of the orig. list -_-
I'd never go Apple.........
I actually think there are more than a few funny IDEAS in here but the devil is in the delivery. +1 for the irony of posting this in Google+ which has become the Microsoft Store of the social network.
So Google+ should have been released with the same number of users as Facebook?
No. But it needed to beat Facebook with better design BEFORE it was released to the general public. And the app is still fugly. 
IMO they well succeeded at that. Facebook is horrible.
Um, because Microsoft sucks? I think that tidbit of information is known outside hipster circles.
I'm not a fan of apple. It's a take it or leave it platform, which is always data intensive. They also cost way more then they should be. Each Mac computer is made up of branded components, and those same companies have parts I can buy for a PC at WAY LESS of a cost. I can also take my computer apart and replace or update individual components. Mac's are for the "I don't want to think about it" crowd who don't mind spending a lot more.

For the most part I'm platform agnostic, but I've taken apart iMacs and upgraded components-- processors, Wi-Fi, drives. I have to admit it was kind of a pain, but a lot more fun because it was "illicit".

I don't know. Use whatever fits your needs. I use Macs now but if something better came along, I'd switch over.

Besides, my snarky comment about Google+ is more about a comment about the quality of this comedy piece. Obviously, I'M USING Google+.
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