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"Animals on Meth" and 32 more coffee table books that didn't sell:
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I'm pretty sure I've seen that cat in my neighborhood.
it's a Total Free for All out here:^)
Wowza nancy pelosi really needs to cut back........
How come this didn't sell?! I would buy it! xD
at least it's wayyyy more entertaining than Animals on Methadone.
"This is your brain. This is your brain on... whoah, gnarly colors!"
So its Meth and bath salts that make you an actual for real zombie right?
Where can I buy this? I have a cat lady neighbor that would get a kick out of this! hahaha
No one's going to tell you where you can buy meth, +Jake Marple.  _The feds might be watching._ 
That has been happening around here I still don't get how!
Can't imagine why they didn't sell... <sarcasm> then again I can't imagine how they got published in the first place...
Cy Cox
Look for CoCo's picture in the animals on meth book. Page 12
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