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Don't be shy. Wish Conan a happy birthday!
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Tlori T
Happy Birthday!
A gigantic happy birthday to you sir. We're so thankful for the humor you've brought to us for so many years.
Happy Birthday Ginger! :D
HAPPY Birthday, Conan the barbarian. Ferrell said that.
Feliz cumpleaños! May the coming year bring more red hair and joy!
Happy birthday! Thanks for the laughs.
New J
Happy birthday my favorite comedian, you. 
My B-day today also! Happy B-Day Conan
Happy Birthday to you and your amazing hair!@TeeJayToday
Happy Birthday you tall lovable red head freak! :D
Happy birthday Conan. You're the oldest ginger on TV now!
Conan, I've been watching you for 15+ years exclusively for my late night television viewing. I was very happy to see you came out on top when people tried to screw you over recently. That's true talent. You're the best, my friend! Here's hoping you have a very happy birthday. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all the laughs and making my life better for it.
No matter how old you are, evey birthday is a happy one! So, Happy Birthday Conan!
I didn't know tall space men had birthdays... (-;
Happy Birthday, Conan! Come back to Toronto, you can stay at my place.
You always make my day, Mr. O'Brien. Happy birthday.
Happy B-Day CoCo - my birthday is in 3 days and I fully expect the same courtesy back from you. Talk to you soon.
Happy birthday conan!! Im only 12 but ur show mAkes me crack up :)
You missed my birthday. Why do you hate me?
Happy Birthday Conan!!! Thanks for all the Giggles... much love <333
Happy Birthday Conan! Have a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday! May your shamrocks hang high!
Happy Birthday you crazy Irish man! love the work you and your staff do.
Sana helwa ya gameel! (Arabic version of "Happy Birthday," translates to "Have a good year beautiful," was sung to the Arab version of JFK by the Arab version of Marilyn Monroe. Just kidding, though there's no copyright on that last bit, 'cause it sounds like something I'd like to see on TV)
HaPpY BiRtHdAy i doing this right??
Happy B-Day Conan! I love your show and I love you haha! I've been watching your show since I was 9 or 10 years old and I can't express to you how happy you've made my nights and my life all this time. Thank you for all the fun times and keep up with the outstanding work :) Congratulations!
¡uɐuoɔ 'ɹǝpunuʍop puɐן ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ʎɐpɥʇɹıq ʎddɐɥ
Happy birthday to my favorite Red Irish Ruffian.
A rough sounding but nevertheless very warm "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag" from Germany, Conan!
May you live many years, and never know a cough, may you have many children, grand children and great great grandchildren and remain sharp of mind and able to name them all. When you do die, may it be peacefully in your sleep and may so many people come to your funeral that they must close down the city to accommodate for them all. May you win all the awards, so many you must build an addition to your house to hold them all and may Finland replace the monument to Alexander II in senate square, with a statue of you and may they do this while you are still quite young, maybe for next year's birthday.
For he's a jolly good Coco, for he's a jolly good Coco, for he's a jolly good Cocoooooooooooo! And the only one we know of. Happy Birthday Conan!
Happy Birthday Conan. Don't let Andy blow out your candles like he blows out your jokes.
Happy Birthday Conan! You have cracked me up for years. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Conan!
Feliz Cumpleaños a mi pelerojo!
Happy Birthday my ginger!
Happy Birthday and God Bless you and your family. Your humor and wit has always been a great conclusion to a hectic day. Thanks for all the years of laughs and enjoy your day with friends and family
Happy birthday Conan!! Loved your comedy since i was young and watching you past midnight. Oh my god...thats why im insomniac as an adult. WHY CONAN?!!! WWWHHHYYYY??!!! keep up the great work!
Have a wonderful birthday, Conan. Enjoy!
Liza M
Happy Birthday!
Wil Son
Happy birthday coco
I hope you enjoyed an amazing, happy birthday Conan! 
¡Feliz cumple, mi camarada! You're the best and hope to see you live soon. Keep on truckin'!!!!
Vijay P
Happy Birthday Conan. We miss you in New York!
Conan... Co Co...? Whatever you're calling yourself these days. Happy Birthday. If they really do hand this to you in person. Read this one. Out loud...
Happy Birthday from the real Ted.
Have a most excellent day Conan!
Onnellista syntymäpäivää, Conan! Finland still remembers you fondly, even though we don't have your twin as a president anymore.
Conan. Happy birthday. Live long and prosper!
Happy (slightly belated) Birthday!
Happy Birthday , you are the best at what you do! Many more!
You have a Birthday?! I thought you were cobbled together from discarded orangutan hair and leprechaun parts! ;) Happy B-day big man.
happy birthday Conan
makes ya feel kinda old don't it.
Happy Birthday Conan, we watch your show streaming often! Thanks for going from free to free with internet connection TV.
Happy Birthday, intern who will likely ignore this comment and never pass it on to the guy who runs the show Conan.
happy belated birthday, conan =)
Happy Birthday Conaaaaaaaan O' Brieeen.
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