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Look deeply into George W. Bush's oil painted eyes. What was he thinking while he had to stand there?
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lol like hmm this is boring but im trying to look official..
"A bit more to the right... Yes, I look best from this angle"
"You're sure the painting will get older but I won't?"
"I bet if I stand like this, it'll look like I'm staring at the cowboy riding his horse on my shoulder!  Tee hee!"
And did anyone notice that Barbera's painting looked soooo much better!!!
I hope they don't use it as a Dartboard 
That face really does scream to me "I have to fart so bad, gotta hold it, gotta hooooooooold it..."
"These pretzels are...making me thirsty."
The Coco show's a National Treasury... !! lmao .. never let them go America..   - js -
"Dear sweet baby Jesus, I hope nobody can smell that!"
Art Leo
nuculear should be a new slang word 
"he he this phototaking guy is slow, he dosen't even have a photomatic cylindical."
He was probably thinking of the numerous wars and chaos he caused. WAI
"Don't move until you see the flash cowboy.....heheh flash, that's a great name-flash......FLASH!  Heh heh, flash.  'Don't move until you see the FLASH cowboy'...heheh, flash, that's a great name-FLASH!....flash heh heh heh....."
Are you going to use the flash, cuz that'll make me blink, you know, ruin the picture...
At least, if I'm not talking, I can't say anything stupid!
^^^ ( way up there) -->  "Although,Ginger Gregory's Ipsofacto Get whatever the want..They're opinions rarely matter or are they correct..."   
Looks like someone is trying to explain to him why eleventy billion is not a real number.
Wow, none of these are funny at all +Team Coco . I guess you are going to have to come up with your own. Unless of course you want to make fun of the idiots that referred to the painting of "LAURA" as his mom, Barbara. Geez people!!!
I am a fan of G.W. so I hesitate to make fun of him, but... one of my favorite things that make me laugh in general would be SQUIRREL!!!! like the dogs in the movie UP as they walk around and suddenly see a squirrel.Or you could use something like..."hmmm, now which door am I supposed to exit out of?"
On a serious note, I would say he is thinking... "Mission Accomplished".
What was W thinking?... "I need to fart so bad!"
I sure do like dem deep fried twinkies... I wish I had one right now!
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