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Tonight on Conan, Ron Burgundy stops by to play a little jazz flute and make a HUGE announcement!
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An announcement by Ron Burgundy? I am gonna hope for Anchorman 2!
I love this movie I wish they did make part 2
I didn't watch the little viedo but I seen the very first part......I love the fact I play the flute. sweet.........but I'm pretty sure that it is Awesome
Why comment saying "I wish" and "gonna hope" when he clearly says in the video there will be an Anchorman 2?
I am right now didnt realize it wasnt anchor man lol
GREATEST NEWS I'VE HEARD IN THE PAST 13 MONTHS!!!!!! You know, besides Osama being killed.
I couldn't get the video to load...
omg im so pumped I cant fucking wait for this
Now there's 4 things I love! Poetry, a glass of scotch, of course my friend Baxter and now this!!
Anchorman 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn! I've been waiting for ever to hear that!
I am watching anchor man right now
I...but...crazy...mahogany.... THERE IS GOING TO BE A SEQUAL TO MY FAVORITE MOVIE.... * passes out*
Around the Clock... Sports all the time?!?! That's never gonna work. That's like a 24 hour cooking network... or an all music channel.. ridiculous.. That's really dumb. This thing is going to be a financial and cultural disaster.
yeeeeeessssssssss! sequel!
Please God tell me another Anchor Man is coming out!
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When's the Anchorman 2 coming out? We want more!
i love the look on the guy's face
Given that everything he's put his hand to since AM has been garbage, I see no reason to think that AM2 is going to be any good at all....
If you close your eyes and listen Ron sounds almost as good as Zamfir on the pan flute. Ahhhh lovely...
beyond epic. My week can end now.

And baxter...c'mon, you know I still don't speak spanish.
When it comes out I'm gonna ride my furry tractor all the way to the movie theaters.
I hope that it still takes place in San Diego, "The Whales Vagina"
Been waiting forever, I love Ron Burgundy
omg my life couldnt get any better!!! thanx conan i LOVE will ferrell
at 4:02 in this vid the bassist goes big eyes omg
jyada mat bja dam nikal jaega
This is why they pay Ron Burgundy the big bucks...he is the anchorman's anchorman (scotch gulp, scotch gulp)...
Made my day!!! "It's made of real bits of panther... so you know it's good."
I'm Ron Burgundy. Go f*** yourself, San Diego.
Funniest man alive...
his mustache is serious biz. but the face hees making playing that flute cracks me up..... he looks like hes maad.
Love it my favorite movie done by him hands down I like will he's awesome 
I never heard of this feature
So that comes naturally. He really does know how to play the flute. No stunts? There is this scene is saw John, I mean Burgundy. Puts wine in the flute and makes it blew fire. Is that real?
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