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The author of the book "Too High To Fail," Doug Fine, calls cannabis America's "number one cash crop" on CONAN. 
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It's not rocket science. It's common sense at this point.
Why change your natural image for national tv. He looks good from my iPhone screen:)
If you want people to listen to you, sometimes you just gotta shave.
Please interview other Cannabis experts, such as Kevin Smith or Joe Rogan :)
Yes, I do believe it's his facial hair that is slowing the legalization process down.
I know right..his beard is just so darn distracting. His words are all jumbled together because of his beard. -_-sheesh
Tommy Chong has some great views in a ton of documentaries that I've watched. Definitely worh looking into. 
The discussion about strain names is very valid.  How can you expect the mainstream to accept cannabis as medicine when patients can buy an 1/8th of 'Trainwreck'.
greg 100% with you que viva la grama
Consider Gary Johnson for president. He'll get the subject of cannabis legalization into the debates.

Also, take the web quiz on his g+ profile to find out who most likely would be your best candidate. Here: 

Spread the word about Gary for president.

what do you mean "CALLS it". it is and has been for a long time. it just hasn't been taxed cause the US is run by a bunch of puritan d-bags"
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