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Conan O'Brien will be taking your questions May 8th at 10:30 PM E/T during a live hangout on Google +. Just add Team Coco to your circles and tag your video questions with #AskConan.
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#Askconan Hey Conan, If I dye my hair red, and say HUVAAR! in answer to everything AND buy the Oltermanni Cheese, Can I go to Finland with you next time? +Jaana Nyström will score us Finn Crisps, they're legal there you know - like Amsterdam but different.
Whenever you do your "politician voice", my friend says it sounds like John F. Kennedy. I say it sounds like Robert F. Kennedy. Who's right? #AskConan
I'm looking forward to hanging out with you and the 2 other people on Google plus!
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
what the ...?
+Mete Ertürk when your country gets over "Ataturk was Gay" and unblocks Youtube maybe you'll have better luck. Till them, preach tolerance to your fellow countrymen.
I want in since +Team Coco loves my Mercedes so much...just ask him, we were on Sunset..."it's an '84"
#askconan can you buy me 2 tickets to london?
#askconan Hey Conan, how athletic are you because you dont seem to be very much even though you are over six ft.
#askconan can we trade cars since you like mine so much?
#AskConan Are you still "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television" ?
ps- Your big in Portugal (also Japan...)
How come I wasn't selected to rent your studio on airbnb? Why do you hate Canadians? Wait... that's two questions... #askconan
#askconan what would the world be in the year 3000?
+Wiekert Blaak ... Wow. Was there even a sentence in there? Conan, welcome to G+. All 9 of us are glad to have you.
conan who?
must be a guy from past millenium media.
sweet ill ask anythang
You´re upset because your kids are going to be as retarded as you are.
Conan... I just don't get it. The thick Austrian accent, the ego-maniacal one-liners, and the furry underwear. I just don't see why you are so popular with all the young hipsters these days.

You know who is cool in my book? Joe DiMaggio. Now that was a hero!
+Team Coco I love Coco, aka, "The Ginger Giant" conan your the best! Keep up the level of greatness that your capable of, and screw all the haters of your show!
yessssss! conan is the best, im so excited!
Ok, what did I miss? Why are we asking Conan? I mean..I'm sitting right here...can't I just ask myself?
Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm watching conan right now! Woooo! Hoooo!
Marc I.
I'm all for Conan, but the video hasn't been made available in my country. :(
nice, I get a lot of qsuestions to ask.
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

THIS IS THE INTERNET, WTF CONAN! Seriously it's 2012 when the fuck are you morons going to realise you have a global audience and actually include them.

For someone with such a clued in and well developed social media presence and development team I expected something considerably more than this.
+Dale Baldwin you should just move to america.... quit being pissed off that your country and its internet sucks!
Tony Ng
This was such a LAZY effort on Conans part and I don't even care because Conan is awesome.

Seriously. Do you know how they recorded this? They wrangled him into an office, sat him in front of a laptop, said "We're doing an ad for Google+, say Google plus a lot" and then he just said Google plus three times, once while walking away.

The man is brilliant.
Can I get an invite??... I'll grow my beard for the internet's!
#AskConan Dearest Coco, after you dove in front of a bullet to save a 98 year old ladies life, you enter into a month long coma, upon awakening, you soon discover every one and thing you love is now a zombie, my question? how has hosting a late night talk show prepared you for just such an apocalyptic scenario? 
+Clay Anderson My country is about to have a nation wide Fibre Optic network installed. We have had universal health care since before I was born and our government actually functions for the most part, why on earth would I want to move state side. Also I live in Tasmania one of the most beautiful places on earth!
#AskConan Hi Conan! Where is Fagerstöm?
#AskConan - What kind of artwork do you have in your bathroom??
I can't think of an awesome enough question so I'd just like to say hello and hope all is well with you. =-) #AskConan
#AskConan Where does your genius comedy come from? inspiration etc.
@ Max Wzrd Well mabye someone hit him with a comedy mallet!
Looking forward to the Hangout tomorrow! Can't wait!
Why is this video not showing in the Philippines??? This is so frustrating... It is a violation of my Conan rights!
what meds do you take for your insanity?
He is not going to wear a suit? #askconan
I wonder what Conan would #AskConan
CANT WAIT, wonder wut conan would look like if he bleached his hair
this isn't realy a question but #askconan can you please change the age limit for fan corrections? my little brother has a great one.
Which SNL skit, that you wrote or co-wrote, was your Favorite? #Askconan
#askconan Will you help me move in June? I got Two Men and a Truck for the big stuff. I just gotta move the little things.
Nikki L
#AskConan Besides doing a week of shows in Chicago, will you be doing a week of shows in other cities (San Francisco, preferably) anytime soon?
#askconan you dont u do any more standup. i loved the documentary they had on you :D
#AskConan Are you planning a nationwide comedy tour? You'd get to meet your millions of drunken fans!
#askconan When are you coming back to the east coast!
Is there something wrong with my monitor or is that really how vivid your hair color is? #AskConan
#AskConan Hey what was it like to have #AllTimeLow on the show? #TeamCoCo
#askconan wherever did you find the amazing man that is andy richter?
lol i have been ignoring google+ for awhile so can someone plz tell me WHERE ARE THE HANGOUTS o. o
+phillip semen  the fact that you're last name is semen and you called Conan hot (which he is) tells me a lot about you.
Ok Team Conan, I really feel sorry for you O'Brien. I'd be kickin' who ever ropped you into this off your team! Man... Which brings me to a profound question...
Do you believe morons get it/take it/or learn it from lessons? .... are they even capeable?
#Ask Conan
#AskConan  Conan, how do you feel about hashtagging? On a scale of one to 314?
 #askconan Hi Conan.  Where do you place the band, Joy Division and how big an infulence do you think they have had?
#askconan who would be on your dream line-up if you could have ANYONE on your show?
I can not see you in Portugal?!!!
do you think islam is a copy of christianity and judaism?
Hey Conan, I have a question for you ... Who in your life, personal and/or professional makes you laugh the most? And thanks for the laughs you've given me over the years.
Conan is ginger and spicy !!
io....ha flipped that shit on you....ownage
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