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More Lousy Obama Campaign Slogans. [Video:]
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nambi mante o hupi ko tavyron
just asking and curious to know say something people
I like Pittsburgh's bridges. They're the right height.
Really ... I have not noticed ? 'Three Rivers' didn't give it away, did it? You have got to be kidding ... should have said nothing, instead ... we ain't stupid like youin's think ... we know 'we' have bridges. Tell us something we don't know and/or want to know about ... Thanx.
Part of me wonders if some you know who Conan is.
нахуй всех!!! Питсбург говно))
Barack Obama went to karama went on a slama eat a banana lost his pajama called his mama ayyu rama!
OBAMA is a talented and smart
ammmmmmpp.. I want to know more about them..
and if I'm interested I want
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