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"Hey guys, nice to meet you. I'm now going to get in my underwear" -- Jordana Brewster on shooting a scene in the show "Dallas." 
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Can someone please merge TNT and TBS? One focuses on drama, the other comedy. Why not have one channel that features the best of both?
Can someone tell TBS and TNT we actually WANT to see these links up in Canada???? 
I am sick and tired of wasting my time clicking on a link to see a 30 second ad and nothing else..
Sorry Team Coco but its an unfollow for you..
Want to see something cool? Click me... you have to watch this ad first, but it will be worth it. (Pst... check out that stupid Canadian. I'm not even going to show him anything cool, and on top of that, I won't even tell him why. Ha ha ha ha)

I thought Conan loved Canada.
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