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+DC Comics  announced it "rebooted" Green Lantern, who is now gay. Now they're rebooting 6 more of their classic superheroes ->
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My childhood hero now supports my current hero?

I'm okay with this.
#WTF I can't trust either in my heroes anymore! Marvel hold please hold don't became in shit too!
DC did announce at a convention last year that the hyper-capitalist hero Booster Gold would be reintroduced as a Canadian, but it never happened.
Bernard, is that directed at me? Yes, really. it was stated at a convention last summer that Booster would be a Canadian in the new Justice League International series, but the series (written by Booster's creator) has not yet made any reference to it.
well my mistake Russ I didn"t know thanks for the input
No mistake, you just said "Really?" And I figured that meant you wanted to know what i was babbling about! There will be a Booster Gold Companion eBook available on and Amazon soon, written by me and featuring dozens of interviews with Booster's creator. Canada is not mentioned.
I would like to read it if you can remember it keep me inform
Captain Gullible here. So did Ryan Reynolds come out of the closet? 
Yay I love Cabadia and superman together it's AWESOME
Where is the European Union super hero? ; )
finally us Canadians have a super hero to look up to.
Canadians who love Team Coco, too bad we can't even download the Team coco app because it's not available in "our Country"! Really..Come on now...
"pigs" THOUGHTS ---"Egg " FIST    !LOL
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