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Watch Conan's first Google+ Hangout, Tuesday @ 10:30pm EST. A few selected fans will be spending some quality time with the maestro, and that epic chitchat can be seen right here on Team Coco's Google+ page. Got it? See you then!
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and hwirmn parkty new ande buble.
He is very Funny!!! ..luv his t.v. show*** :0)
screw play off hockey,(I'm Canadian), Conan's first Google+ hangout is what I am rushing home from work to be a part of tomorrow.
I actually don't even have a queston it's just kinda why we should "hang out"
choose me conan. i can hold a conversation.. also id like 2 ticketts for your show. (date doesnt matter),.. also shout out to all California!
#AskConan "Conan, what scares you the most?"
If you ever had the chance to go back to network TV, would you?
Does a bear ** in the woods?
This girl is relentless.
Like he actually reads these things, So I will say something,Hello Conan, Have you any interest besides TV host? Hobbies? Just asking, From one Irish gal to an Irish gentleman.;)
I really don't know when it is in my timezone, but I do my best to figure out. I really don't want to miss it. (Edit: Apparently it's Wednesday, 4:30am for me. I can live with that.)
Definitely, I attend this Google+ Hangout program
what is this? g+?!!! ooowhhh!!
CW/ PD.2

Chapter one
“We have everything in place, Boss give me the okay. Go do what we talked about, Go.”
“No! No! You can't get away with this shut up” as the gun is shot at her head. “Its over Boss lets get out of here go.”
“Hello this is Dominos Pizza how may I help you?”
“Oh my god he is dead you have to help me dude”
“what have you been drinking, are you serious”
“Yes you have to help me his dead” Bing bang the phone went silent.
“Hello? Are you there? Hello? Hello...?”

Chapter Two: At the crime scene
“John what do you think happened?” asked Bill. “From my first look I was able to see a opening that looked like it’s from a 9mm bullet. I’m looking for a opening at the back of her head so we can tell if the bullet is still in her head or not. Well John I do not see one. John do we have a time of death?” asked Michael.
“Looks like 4 hours. That means she died at midnight,” said Bill.
“Hey Bill can you give me a hand at wrapping the body up?”
“Sure no problem.”
“I will meet you back at the lab.”
“Police Police I know something let me in.
“Now we have a problem Drew,”
“ All right let him in,” said Michael, “Come over here and tell us what you know.”
“My name is Chris. I work here at the Dominoes across the street. I work the midnight shift. I got a weird call from this person and he said he saw a dead body and all. To him set up a wiring kit to their phones got it and try to get the midnight c”
Michael walked over to a police officer and his team and said, “Lets head back to the lab.” They get into the car and drove back to the lab.

Chapter: 3 Double cases
As Michael gets into the lab his greated with awful news; a text message from his son saying: “Dad, I want to come home, the take me in a car. Help me dad!” Michael’s heart started to race. His son, the son that everyone picked on but the one he loved, had been taken hostage. He ran over to Drew who was his best friend, and showed him the text. Drew took the phone and did what he had to do, he hooked it up to a computer and tried to find out information that the phone does not normally tell you but that’s important.
By now everyone in CSI knew the news and they were all trying to figure out what happened to Michael's son and also figure out what happened to the murderer.
[Back to the original Murder] In the autopsies, John was looking at the body and trying to figure what he could about the body. He noticed something weird in the stomach of the body it did not look like a piece of his body. He cut it opened and pulled something out that looked like an ID or something like a wallet not sure. He got on his phone and called Jim to take a look at it. Jim took it upstairs to his lab so he could examine it. First he put some powder on the wallet it was special fingerprint powder. To get the finger print off just in case there is some finger prints. Jim put down some lifting tape to get the prints that he now saw. He slowly took it off and put it on to a try a plugging it into a computer to found out the names from prints. Jim picked up the phone to call Michael and Drew down to tell him what he had found. “I found fingerprints of your son all over the wallet. This is crazy we have a dyed body with a wallet with your sons fingerprints all over the wallet and your son is kidnapped.”

Chapter 4:
Bill look at all the videotapes and in the hotel for things that could help him find the kidnappers. If we found my son then there's a good chance we can find the killer.
“Hey Michael came see this I think I’ve got an I.D. of our victim said John. Her Name is Jordan White now do we have an address for her.”
“Bill should tell you.” Bill wants the address for are victim said Michael it is 605 sunrange drive I will send it to your phone also her parents live there too. Michael and Drew got into their car to go to see her parents. This is the one said Drew half looking at his phone and half looking at the house addresse. They drive into the driveway and walk to the door. “ Good morning Mrs and Mrs White we need to talk”. I'm detective Michael and Here is Detective Drew can we have a moment. Your daughter Jordan was found killed this morning. The wife starts to cry and cry we're sorry for your loss. We just need to ask you a couple questions about your daughter sure anything. Where was she last night. she was at work 7 she was at work at the grocery store. Thanks for the time. As they get into the car they call back to bill and to call the grocery and get her time shift and any other info.
{ back to the second case}
Drew want do we have from the text it was from your his on phone, he sent it to you at the moment. I looked at the phone details it was sent over 50 times before but none of them went their to you. I downloaded the gps for the phone where you able to get something off it. Yes i was its up and working i'll send it to your phone and lets go found your son.
This is unit 4 CSI I need a chopper in the air on highway 3 for a black minivan licence plate number 457392. This chopper 5 i have a visual on the car. As the CSI car and other police cars drive as they drive at least over the speed limit and at least 1 mile behind the car. Drew gets on the radio and yells i need a roadblock on exit 75 NOW. Copy that unit 4. As all the police units had a road block ahead and we were behind them with other units. The criminals stopped the car ahead of the road block. The cops got on to push up the road block and let the other units to now what was happening.
The criminals now noticing they were surrounded they opened the car door and brought out how was michael son and put a knife to his head and went behind car so michael could see. The criminal who looked like the main criminal or the leader yelled out if you want your son to leave you'll let us leave with no charges at all. Come on we don't have all day yelled the criminal. How about this you give up the kid and you live because if you're a bit smart you see this shot guns and we will hurt you and you want have a chance to do anything or hurt anybody. Or you could just face a ten year prison sentence for kidnapping. ``Fine you all dirt cops win``. Now hand over the kid and nobody gets hurt. Go get out of her kid said the criminal pushed the kid to the cops as Drew came over to make sure he was okay. For the criminal he did what was promised he give up and threw his hands in the air and turned around and out of the car and into one of the cops.
Chapter 5:
Bill, see if you can get a hit on her phone if we found out how she has been talking to then maybe it will help us to find out who murdered her.
``Bill do we still have her phone``. Said Drew.
Yes we do said Bill. Bill can you pull up all of her calls in the last 24 hours and see if she talked to are suspects.
Hey Drew l looked at her phone records of the past 24 hours and she had no communication with your suspect.
Right at that moment Michael walked over and said want to we got. The suspect Jeffrey had no compunction with are victim then looking at just a regular kidnapping. Said Jim.
I` ll go tell him the good news and the bad. Said Drew.
Drew walks into the meeting room where the suspect was. Alright it`s your good day. We only found evidence to the kidnapping not the murder. Also said Drew you “lay a hand on my son again or any other kid in a bad way i will personally put a bullet throw your head wherever you are i will found you and kill you GOT It”. Good get him out of here said Drew to one of the police officers. Just a couple of minutes after the meeting Jim calls down Drew and Michael.
Chapter 6:
Were you able to pull up want they talked about said Drew.
No they did not talk said Jim.
Michael’s phone went off and he answered it.
“Hey I found something you all might want to come down here ” said Jim.
Michael told Jim and Drew said Michael. When they got into the room Michael said to Jim “Alright Jim what do you got”.
“I was looking over the evidence at the crime scene and i found a gun and it still had its serial number on it and i ran it and i got a man named ted goldman ” Said Jim.
“So Bill go look at all the the police database for a man named Ted goldman.”
After a good ten minutes of searching for him.Bill finds something. He tells us want he founds “ Ted goldman has a long history from speeding tickets and parking tickets and want i found most interesting was he just got out of prison a year ago. Also are victim “Jordan was dating him at the time of him getting arrested, because she saw him doing drugs and went behind his back and told the police” Said Bill.
Ted gets out of prison and the first thing he does is go out and take revenge on the person who reported him. Said Drew.
“Bill go found this man” , said Michael.
Around ten minutes later. Bill finds something. “I looked at all the hotel records to see if l could just find something” “and i found something Mr. iTed goldmans staying at the carolina inn”. Said Bill
“ Michael goes and gets Drew and Jim and Bill and calls the local police and tells them to met them at the carolina inn for back up.
Chapter 7:
Csi pulls into the driveway to the carolina inn. They parked and walked into the the lobby and walked over to the front desk, sawed the guy at the front desk there bages and asked him where Ted Goldman is staying. “The man at the desk says room 234 heres a room key for him”.
Csi takes the elevator while the police take the stairs to guard the exits and windows. They walk over to room 234 and nook on the door and no response and they nook again no answer. They give the police a up date. Drew kicks down the door as csi moves in. Looking every where. In the bathroom they found Ted died in the bathroom. Michael reached over a felt on his neck to see if he was still breathing. He wasn't He was was gone. “Michael called the police and said to stop looking they found him”. Jim came in the room and wrapped up the body and take it away for evidence. With the suspect dead they had to fill out the paperwork. Jim took the body to the evidence locker for his final look throw.
Twas gone.
Picture this. A middle school that has a elective, that has kids smiling and excited about school. The elective is a video game elective. It would be easy for most kids to get an A. For mostly boys some girls might be good at these games. If the school has a video game elective,students would be more engaged in school or learning.

If the school is more educated in video games, people from video gaming business can come and show us how to work them. Constructing games takes a lot of work.
QUESTION TIME, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? Carlos: ¿Buscas comida peruanas? ¡Voy a Andes Montaña Barbacoa en Lima Peru! Nosotros usamos ingredientes frescos. Nosotros tenemos pollo barbacoa con frijoles, maiz, y arroz. Nosotros tenemos bebidas tambien. Nosotros tenemos tamales con pollo, papas y queso. ¿No creemos? Aqui es un cliente satisfecho...

Alejandro: Yo quiero comida peruana por que yo no como antes. Tambien, yo voy al Andes Montaña Barbacoa porqué es proxima de mi casa. ¡La comida es delicioso! Yo como la Pachamanca con frijoles, arroz, y maiz y para postre yo como Alfajores de Dulce de Leche, Alfajores de Dulce es una galleta con caramelo. También yo como Pan De Papa. Yo como Ceviche también. ¡Ceviche es muy delicioso! Ceviche es marisco con limón,cebolla roja, maiz, lechuga y mucho ingredientes mas.

Carlos: Vas al Andes Montañas Barbacoa. ¡Nosotros comida y beverages es muy delicioso! No olvides voy al Andes Montañas Barbacoa. Andes Montañas Barbacoa, nosotros comida y beverages cocinamos fresco todos los diás! En Llamada, 111-111-1123.

Alejandro: Peru tiene muchos atracciones, uno es el templo de Pachacamac. El templo de Pachacamac es una templo de religion. El Templo construen en 200 AD. Un medio-jornada tour de el Templo de Pachacamac costo $34 por cada persona. Un otro atraccion es Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu es el corona piedra de los peruanos. 95% de la poblacion de los Incas viven en las montanas Andes, solo 500 personas viven en Machu Picchu. Las personas Incas construen Machu Picchu en mil cuatrocientos cincuenta. Un otro atraccion Colca Canyon. Colca Canyon es muy hondo. Esta cien miles noreste de Arequipa. En el Colca Canyon hay muchos animales. ¡Adios Mis Amigos!
I will be on here, I can see this replace Facebook eventually so spread the word about google+ being able to have a hangout is just one of the first innovations. It would be cool if they worked with myspace music as its nice having all that music around you and being able to listen to albums and also buying them online also.
That's cool, I am in California, so it's going to be on at 7:30 pm here ?!!
String dance for me Coco, I have a dollar!!!
It's funny how some people here say they don't like Conan yet they are following this post AND take the time to post here. No one is forcing them to read his posts or to watch the show. If you don't like it you don't have to... weird people
how are you chosen to participate?
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Link? Team Coco - we want to watch. Can you provide a link?
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+Jim Luttrell go to this post and post your video question to Conan and make sure to add the tag #AskConan to it so they can find it. They will select some of the fans to participate in the hangout.

At least that's my understanding :)

You can use Youtube to upload your webcam video question or upload the video to any other website you like then link to it in your post.
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aww boy cant wait ...ive never hung out with a ginger
Can I please Have a paper that has been signed send to 903 English st Houston Texas. MAN I love YOUR MUSIC
I plan to participate despite being in a class, take that education! will be so slow at work, I think I will from my computer at work.
What Pandora's box have you opened +Team Coco ??? All of these fans with all of there voices. All of these people and all of your choices. All of these faces from places afar. You'll probably pick some but leave the rest all ajar. Good luck to you is what I can say. This all must be stressfull choosing but for this day. But relax for I do not crave your attention. But wish you the best disregard apprehension.
dont you just want to grab his hair and never let go like its the last thing youll ever have o______________0
Great idea! Really one of first to realize Social Media opportunity. 
+Paul Clark Facebook: Noun. A place where many spend their time stating silly things that makes you want to throw a book at their face. Compare "Facepalm".
I dont even know whats going on
by the way what is team coco? im eleven
Team Coco: Team Conan. Go to his official site, or Google it for more info.
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In the year 2000!
I just noticed on youtube that they changed it to 3000. :-)
I am from the Caribbean and finds a Google+ hang out strange. Will there be virtual rum, girlz and some smokes? How does it works Team Coco?
Can I be in your will? OK, that is all.. thanks.
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go to youtube and type exact ( mask sculpture in seattle )
Sorry, no video. :o( I'm simply too ugly to be considered.
Wow, someone I know using Google+ hangouts!
Ed Mace
Many many years ago we wrote in for tickets for Conan's show-never got 'em but still love Conan. He's the best!
Are you the first to do this, on air?
Has anyone really been as far as to do more look like?
This is pretty awesome and by pretty I mean MASSIVE
MYYYYY LOVERRRR lol just messin, excited for tonight/good luck
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Conan isn't funny. Thats why Jay had to come back and mop up. Nice Save Leno!
Are you out of your mind? Leno came back because the 50+ conservative demographic (NBC nights) doesn't understand Conan's humor, and the rest of the demographic was already committed to Dave at that timeslot. He and Dave are too similar; put him on later or earlier and he would be just fine.
Been watching Conan since forever, maybe longer (I'm watching you now, no really, no seriously)..ok, uhm...anyway, think my favorite skit ever that you probably can't do anymore (who knows, laws and junk) where you did the "whoo wee Conan" with Michael Jackson's cut out face on the TV....god rest his soul, but man that was funny as hell...oh and the "if they made it" where you had those 2 kids from the coffee commercial that were in love...and then bang, shot to a baby holding a cup of coffee with really huge eyes...I laughed for about 15 minutes non stop (wasn't expecting it)..anywho...that, the stuff you did with Adam Sandler's early albums, etc, etc, etc...quite the career and much enjoyment from me. Peace.
Conan, I owe you a HUGE thank you. Years ago, I was struggling through some very deep and personal issues, I had endured years of health issues, bullying and domestic violence and was seriously contemplating suicide. One night, when I finally had enough I turned on the tv and your show happened to be on. It was your brand of humor that pulled me out of that pit of such deep despair. Now I am soon to be on a waiting list for a brand new kidney, and enrolling into film school to earn my bachelors degree in hopes of becoming a major film director, producer, and screenwriter. Again, I sincerely thank you.
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see you everyday cant miss out on your shows
CONAN i love you !!!!!!!!
TEAM COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!
this entire format is absolute BS! desperation by Google - who has run out of idea's - These people are famous 90 percent right place at the right time.. 10 percent they got real talent.. Its the people who keep their shit together surviving on their wits.. I got nothing against people making it.. but to be talked "at" by people who were once just like the rest of us.. The people we should be making shows about and setting up platforms for are the ones with truly great idea's and inventions
Oh look a fun conversation!! HI EVERYBODY! that's so you saw I was saying it so everyone could hear me.
this will be exceptions...
im with vin weathermon, wanna be a select fan
even if im not picked, ill definitley be watchin =}
CONAN; Your are not as funny or witty as you see your self..You are a walking JOKE. Give up that horse crap you call TV show.
I just found a reason to get on google+ now.. yay!
Listen folks, do not adjust your TV sets, he is inside my computer now.
your funny as hell that my grandma died
I wish I was hanging with the Maestro! No time to make a clever video :/ See you @10:30 my Conanny! Woo!
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+Tony Cerros It would be nicer if he was funny IN hell, that way your grandma can still enjoy his comedy.
Can I hang out with Conan, one of his biggest fans here.
Hoping to get to hang out! Have the winners already been notified?
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I started a hangout to discuss why anyone would start a hangout to discuss this post about this hangout. I did it in person though. We're at Denny's eating ice cream sundae's, banana splits, and watching the sexy waitress. Everyone knows that even Google, God bless them, can't replace a real "hangout" with friends.
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Conan is a great entertainer and host, but I hate asking him trivial questions just because he's a celebrity. Perhaps he feels he owe's it to his followers to answer questions they may have. I hope he doesn't think we are a bunch of mindless paparazzi... Got to give him credit though!
Colbert once gave me the best advice. " Say yes! as often as you can " can you top that #AskConan
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Jacob R
so when do we watch this? is it on here, Google+; or is it on TBS?
How do we watch the hangout?
Waiting for this thing to happen.
how will we know if we have been chosen?
wait, are people getting into the hangout already?... Where is the link?
Does Conan have a soul?... No okay then
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+Rick Henning I imagine he just thought it would be fun... I've made hangouts before, and I'm not famous...
well i plan to watch but play ps3 at the same time. More ps3 than watching.
what should i do.2k or coco. hard to choice
once the hangout starts i think he will post it on this page with a link...that happened with >> will i am 's<< first hangout i think
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Hey co man. I need help with my homework!
Good luck, Co-Co! Always great to see your wild and wacky antics!
zx xu
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Conan is A LOT more funny than Jay Lenno!
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#AskConan, what is your favorite rock band Conan? Kellie Levans Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner- PS we want Triumph, to do a Google Hangout @kidkel69
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Thanks for chatting with your fans Conan! It was fun eavesdropping!
Conan is a joke, that been told over and over. give it up Loser...
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