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CONAN Highlight: Barack Obama is having a really tough time coming up with a campaign slogan as good as "Change We Can Believe In." Poor guy.
In this CONAN highlight, President Obama has some trouble coming up with a new campaign slogan.
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people can only see and judge, hard to believe what other people do, give a chance for a change
through out the hole prisdentcy no one gave him credit for the first african american in office.
what hillary we have to give her credit she was about to be the first woman president.
+maddox ryan lol, you must get all your politics from one source... and it's biased.
If Obama gets elected again im moving to Mexico.
sometime women have get credit for something.
ask friends or family, or church friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, support people or other family's
laia st
how did it happen?
4 more tears...change is in the eyes of the beholder...Mit ain't it...obama & conan in least we can add some humor to our government??
Every time I see this I swear I go blind and death. Not try to make fun of disablied people.Obama's is having a real tough time. REALLY, will sir walk a day in our shoes, until then I don't want to hear that fog coming out of any of their months. Now if he told the truth and said, "Yes I'm really puppet boy." Then I may choose to listen.
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