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ahhhh ahahahahahaha....god help us if he wins on a serious note lol
Hahaha! I remember the Land O'Lakes trick.
I'm not worried. I have my locally famous collection of polaroids to keep me busy.
I would assume his account was taken over and controlled by someone who is not on his campaign. Someone cough Anonymous...EDIT: wait this is a skit, d'uh! HAHA, brilliant.
Cause he spanks it on the bra section of the Sears catalog and he wants the rest of America to do the same?
I always had a thing for Aunt Jemima myself.
hahahaah!! ^^at Rick Santorum...wat??
Dafuq? So he's gonna ban the Victoria Secret Catalog?
dammit... that can mean only one thing... NO MORE INTERNET!!!!!
Wow, what an idiot!
He should have ended that tweet with "BOOSH and/or Ka-kow!". That would have put some crunk in that tweet. Anyways, about that last bit, the Land O'Lakes Butter girl is native American not Indian, just sayin'.
Brilliant of you to deduce that a comedy routine is fictional.
Someone hacked his Twitter! Why would he say that?
I guess he doesn't want to be president after all.
'cause he is an ignorant buffon. And a fool!
Stupid! I guess he does not like Women.
Good thing he won't be elected.
+Keller Davis but he is still an ignorant buffon and a fool, and I forgot an idiot. Nothing will alter that...hoax or not,
Not sure whether the OP or Michael DeAngelo's response is more amusing...(ok, call it a tie)
is this for real?! if Doesn't he know other people can see it?
Scary that people who believe this is real vote.
I am just saddened that in the USA that he is a potential front-runner...quite disturbing.
When I fart I think of Santorum. A really really bad fart is a Rick Santorum.
Great :|
Dumped FB coz of the political crap so pervasive on there & now it's here too - Nice (Not!)
I have archived decades worth of porn for generations to come. Gotta stockpile for a disaster like this
He would tweet that so you would think he's cool and you will overlook anything that may be important regarding if it's logically a good idea to elect him.

TL;DR version: He's trying to get a Charlie Sheen style win.

Sorry, didn't read closely enough. (Scroll down 5 comments)
Go to the "shorts" section 'cause you be short on brains, fool!
dumbest thing ever.
So he hopes to outlaw porn? I guess he hates the economy considering the amount of money that the industry makes.
for the dumb, it is. Shall we connect the dots for you?
why do lefties HATE so much when they say they accept everyone? I am in the middle, but the left is more hateful than the right it seems.
I can see why other countries look down upon us
the left more hateful than the right? That's just absurd. The right clearly dislikes women, gays, and anyone who isn't white. The left is just tired of letting them get away with it.
ROTFLMAO!!! and i believe it! poor bastard!
LandOLakes! --- Shes hot, if you cut the box the right way (you can see her tatas)
Yep. He's a good person to run our country!
Idiot. Come on repubs get a candidate people really want. Looks lime its nobama another four years. Id vote for charles manson before i voted for either one of these guys at least then wed know what we were getting. Slick was probably spanking to the porn as he wrote that. 
If i was in america, and over 21,... Id vote for you
"Oh yea! This one has momen's briefs on! Sears definitely knows how to turn a man on." <-- What Rick says when he beats it.
... I... I can't believe he, well, no, maybe I can believe it... but... it's hard... xD
I personally would rather move to Mexico than live in a country run by Santorum, but.... He did not post this.
Go to his twitter page, and locate it...!/RickSantorum

he has enough staffers on hand to preview his tweets... It would take me 30 seconds to make a real post into a fake one like that, and snap a screenshot.

Dont believe everything you read (even if it has a good cause like this one does)
Good thing the U.S. has three branches of Government for the whole checks and balance thing. I don't think you can pick one elected official, let alone out of just the Presidents, that hasn't said one thing that they know will never happen even if they want it to or not.

The real problems start when they try to make those things actually happen. Case in point Obama. When Clinton got a giant back-lash for trying to pass a health care bill he changed, got re-elected. Obama... fuck change, he has hope that every one will change to like his opinion if we just pass it and make it law. If it's law it has to be good right?
Ryan V
one of his ghost-tweeters or should i say ghost-+ers have turned on him
the Sears catalog doesn't exist anymore douchebag
susie H
why would you say that?there are people like me who are now scraed for life!!!!
what do you spank it to Rick? Maybe a bald headed Baptist minister that tells ya that Jesus Loves ya?
I guess I better go back to homemade.
Please tell me this is a Poe. Pretty please?
Jesus christ, if santorum wins, everyone will become 10 times more productive
Dude our politicians are a joke. They all need to worry about what's important, getting people back to work, our economy, and getting our country out of debt before we go bankrupt. Not all this other BS.
He tweets to prove he is the biggest jackass on the planet.
One thing worse than Santorum getting the nomination is knowing the people thinking this is a real tweet have the ability to vote.
It is now my duty to make sure he is never elected. ever.
Mary M
He didn't tweet it, more smear tactics.
He's telling us to download and stock up on porn now because hes going to shut down all porn websites and magazine companies and make it illegal to make sell and produce porn? Thats my run-on sentence idea of it...
Tony S
How about spanking it using Land O' Lakes Butter?
So, if this joke is going to even have a chance at being elected, our Country's going to the shitter...
I just love how many people feel they must let the rest of us know it's not real.
Fat chance. Porn lobby to powerful :)
But thats the way this guy thinks. "Jesus will fix the economy"
+Spencer Davies Our failings are that we make immoral choices? Is it not more immoral for government to get in the way of that choice? What other immoralities should our government forcibly prevent us from taking part in?
Santorum and Romney are both trash! They believe in nothing but war, censorship, big government, and the right to invade your privacy. Vote for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Obama, or if nothing else Newt Gingrich. Keep the garbage out of the white house.
lol There is no way in hell this genuinely came out of his mouth... or keyboard. Not even Bush would utter this fantastic excuse for suicide.
Lol but it should have been gingrich
K. Weil
Was someone on drugs when they wrote this tweet?
i hate this asshole so much. i love my porn and no one will take it away from me.
its not like he hasnt watched porno before
What's the matter with this guy, JC Penny catalog is way better.
guys, its a joke. and, +Gina Story , that makes me want to gag. srsly? c'mon. people with nothing to contribute, GTFO!
he has literally no chance of winning. it's paying him too much credit to even make jokes about him at this point.
Yes making fun of someone's religious beliefs is so funny. Too bad you dont have the sack to call out every one of them for fear of reprisals. Try a cartoon, coco and see how funny it is.
I think they are actually Native Americans haha
Stupid Sanscrotum
I hope he wins. He's what this country needs. He's the only one who can save us from ginger wizards.
Brett H
And they say Al Qaeda is bad
Why would anyone think that was real? I get that it's a funny skit, but people are commenting like it's real. #smh
He's an Ultra Conservative what did you expect. He is panering to the FAR FAR Right.
Isn't this the same thing the Taliban tried to do? 
I'm really hoping Santorum takes the Presidential nomination, because he's the best opportunity to vote regressive I've seen since Bush.
Pronunciation: san-TOR-um
Function: noun
Savage Love - 05/29/03

1. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

2. Former Senator Rick Santorum
He's about as American as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and he would have the USA become a Theocracy. Lets also not forget that christian ultra-conservatives WANT Armageddon so they can hurry up an see hay-sus. Spanking it is the least of our worries.
or maybe your photo you look like a big pussy
haha that's a fake account but still funny
Am I the only person awake? It is a joke. Santorum has never, nor will he ever be a spanker. Remember god talks to him, and tells him "that spanking is naughty"
Ron Paul: the only president committed to protecting YOUR porn!
Most of Santorum's web presence is not from him. Activists who oppose his views have used his name to point to porn and other things. Get used to it. That is how some people play.
We need this comic relief now because the sad truth is our only choice come November will be Romboma
Just because you dont like him does not give u the right to put fake stuff up here u could ruin someones reputation not just Rick Santorums u could ruin your own!!!! BTW. That is totally fake we are not idiots!!!!
Um. Why is 85% of everyone commenting taking this seriously?? Maybe you should realize that this was on Conan O'Brian along with other celebrity tweets as a JOKE.
Yes lets focus on a minor matter such as porn instead of ACTUAL POLITICAL ISSUES! Thats the way to go IGNORE the major problems and focus on the little stuff.
ansel k
lol this man... he makes me laugh
Hilarious that people think that was actually Rick. lol. Hey if you get a letter from him in your hotmail saying he needs your credit card number to give you the millions he inherited, that's really him too.
What a tosser, great way to alienate most of the men in the country... Remeber this because this tosser will end up sleeping with his intern or secretary or neighbour or out in the paddock with a sheep....Mark my words it is these god bothers who think they are holier than though that always end up getting caught......
Look at the picture. This is not his official post.
look stupid closed minded people like you need to keep there mouth shut
he didnt you all faked it im so little i know whats real and whats not all my friends know the same so i sugest you shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh1!!
what the hell is wrong with you Conan? how obscene can you be? this is a new low for you.
That goes against first amendment rights. Although I approve, you would create a slippery slope. What's next burning books? You will not get elected pushing topics like this. Get off of these fringe ideas and onto topics that will grab independents cause those are the people you need to beat Obama. Those are the people you need to beat Romney. Unfortunately there are to few off us die hard conservatives. YOU NEED THE INDEPENDENTS and a gaff like this is pushing them away in droves! Unless u want to loose then keep doing what your doing. 
this made me fucking lol in line at rite aid.....
i agree +Donna Moore over 6o% of the internet has adult content with servers in various countries shutting those operations down would put us in the same internet blackout as china
hmmm Sopa, patriot act, TSA, Rick Santorum. Well Sopa didn't pass lets see what we can do about this joker
I do not trust this man; it feels like he is "playing at" a platform. Is he really a hard conservative?
+Michael DeAngelo, Rick Santorum has openly said he wants to violate the Fist Amendment of our country's constitution. Does that sound like "not having anything to back themselves up with" to you?
Wow. Has an all caps rant ever had the effect the author presumably wanted?
My serious side said you can't be serious and the illicit jokes will rise again
Mmmm land o lakes butter... Drool
Well if we lived in a perfect world............
Uhhh it's not in that -- but it is a funny video-- POPTARTS
Maybe that's the party's strategy! They want a strong candidate to win the elections!
I have a strong feeling this is a hoax.
The original bit was funny, what's funnier though is some of these responses. Someone agreed that porn should be illegal if not for slippery slope, and someone else chose of their own accord to get all butt-hurt about their religion, and dozens of people fail at spotting an obvious joke.

Though Santorum did apparently feel that porn was an important enough issue in the current socioeconomic climate of the country to take a stand against it in his campaign and pledge to spend money fighting it. He didn't do it as hilariously as the fake tweet, but he did it. That's right, with the economy in the shape that it's in, Santorum feels that it is a good idea to spend money fighting porn, a thing which isn't actually illegal.
When he said religion and government should go hand-in-hand
It's easy and popular to have fun of him. Cool kids, where's your club?
how do ya say douche in some little known language so i dont offend everyone?
u guys in dat place, dnt risk but is ds real?
Too bad the Masturbating Bear is in exile- he could have a couple of new props with a Sears catalog & a tub of butter. Might be time to roll out the Wanking Wolverine....
And now we know what Dick Santorum uses as his spank images
This guy is a quack! He also said in an interview he would like to impose Christian law. I'm all for religious freedoms but this guy needs to go away.
Has no body seen the movie middle men? Porn helps win the war on terror! Haha 
Dick Santorum, an addition to America's Greatest Ass Hats ever list. Makes you wonder with the smug look on his face who he's really trying to fool (probably himself).
Rick,It's no wonder I'm a democrat.With comments like that.If you're elected?Not to worry,you won't be elected.Do you often look at the Sears catalog?You surely are an inspiration to the youth of America.Land O'Lakes Butter and the"Indian chick"will see to that.
This man should be in some Mental Asylum
it's been said multipel times already on this thread but in case people don't read that far ahead: this is a fake post everyone. Rick Santorum is against the porn industry but the tweet itself is a fake.
Seems like we have lots of commenters who don't watch Conan.
I think he meant to say "Native American Woman".
+Michael DeAngelo, the First Amendment protects us from the establishment of religion. In fact, if the Supreme Court has to decide a case involving the First Amendment, they use three guidelines:
1: Is the government actively endorsing religion?
2: Is the government forcing people to accept a religion?
3: Is the government giving unfair treatment to one religion that is not offered to others?
Putting religion and government together violates at least two of those (most likely all three) and is therefore unconstitutional.
if thats real not sure if should clap or be worried
Moral values differ depending on what religion you're talking about. Which one is Santorum?
his wife makes him protest porn.
I'll let you in on a little secret Michael, I'm Christian. And I know some Christians who do force their religion on others. And all religions aren't really the same. There are some major differences in some, and minor differences in others. Besides, by "moral values" people could be talking about all sorts of things, including birth control, abortion, and gay rights. These are all things that are in peoples personal lives and should be their own decisions.
You people are stupid. Do you REALLY believe everything you read on the internet? 
David C
Rick a control freak, just like his god of the bible, what a weak minded little prick
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