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Teale Britstra

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Good news: Caught a really bright Iridium flare a few minutes ago (mag -7 or so).
Bad news: Wind shifted the camera slightly during the exposure.
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+Peter Frankland Haha nah, but at full-res you can see that the stars are little lines, not points, and that the flare itself has a little bend in it :-/
Hope you caught this one - it was quite bright from here!
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The lunar eclipse, around 5-10 minutes ago. I was lucky that it rose in the clear spot straight down the street (and that there were no cars...or clouds!). The image is cropped from a larger frame, as I don't have any great lenses for eclipse shots, and the "middle of the road" location ruled out setting up the scope!
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beleza <
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Teale Britstra

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Venus doesn't actually do a U-turn and exit in the same place it entered! It only appears this way because my telescope mount does not compensate for the Earth's rotation. If you watch Venus relative to the large Sunspot group near the top of frame, you'll see that Venus actually passes across The Sun in a straight line, but that my whole frame rotates over the course of the time lapse.
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Thanks Paul. It's an older video, but posted the comment in response to a question.
I figured NOT clicking "post this to Google+" in YouTube would mean that the comment wasn't being posted here. :-/
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Teale Britstra

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Don't forget...
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Have him in circles
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Teale Britstra

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A couple more. You can see the Moon is starting to exit the Earth's shadow by the time I took these. Mars is upper left, and the blue giant star Spica just above the Moon.
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thaatt iss soooo coolllll
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Teale Britstra

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Looks like +Scott Lewis had a pretty fun-filled Yuri's Night with Ron Garan and a host of other guests!
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Oh yeah - happy global astronomy month. Lots to look forward to, with a total lunar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse (or annular eclipse in Antarctica, if you happen to be there), plus a handful of conjunctions, occultations, and oppositions... Plenty to keep us all busy :-)
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so far the forecast is for continuous clouds, so not a happy astronomy month. But excellent if it was meteorology month :)
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Teale Britstra

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+david bruner  "a child in the womb is not alive unless it is breathing"
It's not a child if it's in the womb, it's a fetus. That's literally what it is, anyway, I suppose you can (and will) call it whatever you wish, though. Try the word "baby", that has the most shock value and is more likely to get people's emotions riled up.

As for the fact the Earth has perfect habitats that fit us, that's not at ALL a coincidence. Do you not understand the basic concept behind evolution? Well, what a silly question... if you're making archaic statements like that then you clearly don't understand it.

Allow me to help... you know how there are a bunch of dog breeds in the world? See, these aren't so old as far as species go - humans have been domesticating them for thousands of years. Well... you know how chihuaha's have short fur and are great in hot climates? In the same way dogs like Husky's have evolved fur coats that make them ideal in snowy climates.

Put a husky in a desert and they'll be way too hot - put a chihuahua in the snow and they'll be way too cold. Humans (and all life) evolved to deal with the temperate nature of our planet, and over the various ice ages and big melts they've adapted along with them, or they've died out. Many species die out as they are not advantageous enough to survive in the changing climate here on Earth. Think of Polar Bears - they aren't doing so well right now, and it due to the changing of their habitat.

This idea that we live in temperate zones that perfectly suite our lives is proof of a plan devised by a deity is absolutely silly. This is why even the Catholic Church now openly supports evolution - there's no fighting the obvious. You're free to fight the obvious if you so personally wish, of course, but as people are educated more and more via the internet, you'll find that this mindset is a dying one. You might as well walk around telling everyone the Earth is flat for all the sense you'll make.

Haha, and I did have a good chuckle at "the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness can't understand it"
Is that what they are telling you these days? Assuming I am "walking in the darkness", go ahead and pose a question you believe I won't understand well enough to answer appropriately. I was raised a christian and I've nearly read the entire Bible. I understand this stuff better than most Abrahamic believers. I would love to discuss this, I find it quite satisfying to disprove this type of perpetuated ignorance.
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Have him in circles
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Google suggested I write a small introduction here so that people are sure they have found the correct "Teale Britstra" - though I'm not totally convinced that it's necessary (there can't be too many people with this name!) ;-)

I'm currently studying a coursework Master of Science (Astronomy) degree, and also trying to convince people to become more engaged in this fascinating science (and science in general).
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