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Teacupsfull - Boutique by Tea Planters
Teacupsfull Tea Boutique
Teacupsfull Tea Boutique


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Watch our latest video on Bermiok Tea Estate - India's youngest and smallest organic tea estate in Sikkim.
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Absolutely perfect for any time of the day, this blissful blend of lemongrass and green tea refreshes and invigorates besides having a number of health benefits.

7 Reasons why you should drink green tea

1. It has antioxidant properties :
According to a published report in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Lemongrass contains several antioxidants, which can help scavenge free radicals in your body that may cause disease.

2. It has antimicrobial properties
Lemongrass tea can help treat oral infections and cavities, thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

3. It has anti-inflammatory properties
Lemongrass has two compounds, citral and geranial which are responsible for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. It may reduce your cancer risk
One of the compounds, Citral has anticancer abilities against some cancer cell lines. Several components of lemongrass help fight cancer

5. It may help promote healthy digestion
A cup of lemongrass tea is a go-to alternative remedy for upset stomach, stomach cramping, and other digestive problems.

6. It may act as a diuretic
In the world of natural health, lemongrass is a known diuretic. A diuretic makes you urinate more often, ridding your body of excess fluid and sodium.

7. It may help you lose weight
lemongrass green tea is used as a detox tea to kick-start your metabolism and help you lose weight.
Lemongrass Green Tea
Lemongrass Green Tea

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Drinking Green Ginger Tea with a dash of lemon can help you fight fat and lose weight. It's liquid gold when you are trying to detox and lose weight
Ginger Green Tea
Ginger Green Tea

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Happy to share the link to our website

We are one of India's only tea boutiques run by a Tea Planters family. If you are visiting India and specifically Delhi, you can drop into our store in Gurgaon - the millennium city.

The directions to the store:

UG - 1, DLF Moulsari Arcade, Moulsari Avenue, DLF City Phase 3, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122022, Mobile +9198734 14857

Having spent a lifetime in the tea estates we wanted to translate this experience to offer tea lovers the best Indian teas from Darjeeling, Assam, Sikkim and Nilgiri

Do drop in for a free tea tasting session.

To place a custom order send us a mail to or call us at 9873414857

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Read our latest blog on Green Tea - Why drink it? Do lick on the link below to read more and comment.

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