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Working on cleaning up the Add new student and Add assignment screens. Here's a sneak preview. Expect quite a few updates over the coming weeks before the new school year starts in the US. 
Current screen on LEFT and new screen on RIGHT
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For current users of the app.  When starting a new year, you have up to 3 year selection options.  You can easily edit the current year labels for 2016 or 2015-2016.  Tap on the Settings option below the 3 current year labels.  I am not going to add a 4th option as too much data can make the app slow down.  If all three years have been used, simply make a backup file of each of the years and store for safe keeping, and then reset the terms of one of the years and use that for your next school year.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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Teacher Aide made it to the top 10 nominations for Best Teacher App. Please go to link below and tap green button to vote the app for the top teacher app. Thanks and feel free to share with other teachers. Thanks!
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Major update to Class Planner on Play Store released today.

I plan to start adding interaction between Class Planner and Teacher Aide later this year. Any suggestions from users are always welcome. First thing would be to make it easy to transfer daily notes from Class Planner to Teacher Aide.
Finally teachers can easily keep a record of their lesson plans on their mo...
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I'll second Jason's comment!
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Updates to Teacher Aide and Rubric Scorer app on Play Store.
Now you can export student names from Teacher Aide to Rubric Scorer.
a. In Teacher Aide, select CSV Export from the Class Menu, then name for Rubric Scorer app, and the import screen for the Rubric Scorer app will open.
b. After grading in Rubric Scorer, open the CSV Export screen by tapping on CSV Icon on top blue row. Then select Export CSV from the actionbar and then to Teacher Aide. This will open the assignment import screen in Teacher Aide.
Hope you like this new interaction between the two apps. I'll look to integrate some other apps, like Classroom Planner in the future.
This is the free version of the app which allows the user to customize 1 ru...
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I've made a PDF file with a summary of all my teacher apps. Please consider sharing with other teachers at your school.
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I have really enjoyed seeing the Teacher Aide App develop over time, its great to see a developer taking his product seriously and offering little tweaks to make the app more useful. I just cant wait for the same amount of time to be put into the class planner and see it developed for a 2 week timetable! Once again, I highly recommend the Teacher Aid App, the Class Planner for me MUST be usable for a 2 week cycle...
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Update to Class Planner on Google Play.
Now you can make a copy of a class and then shift the dates by X days. This will let you reuse notes for a class you teach again, thus having a template for your class lesson notes. Hope those that use the app find this useful.
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Se requiere un instructivo en español
Porque a pesar de que se traduce con la aplicación de google no es lo mosmo.
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New PDF Report Options:  Planning on making two new reports available later this month.
1.  Missing assignment report - This will generate a list of assignments that a student has been marked Missing, Absent or just left Blank, making it easy to let students know what work has not been turned in.

2. Missed lessons.  If you use the lesson notes feature, you can generate a report that gives the lesson summary for any day a student was absent, making it easy for a student to know what they have missed. 

If you have any more ideas, just contact me.  Happy to help make teacher's lives easier!
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Teacher Aide made it to the top 10 nominations for Best Teacher App. Please go to link below and tap green button to vote the app for the top teacher app. Thanks and feel free to share with other teachers. Thanks!
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Bora estudar e ser professor
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The recent update to Rubric Scorer allows users to save their rubric to a template file that can be imported by other users. If you would like me to consider including your rubric in the default template library for the app, please email a rubric screenshot and the template file to
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Here's a google doc guide I have put together to explain the recent integration methods for Teacher Aide with Google Classroom and Rubric Scorer.  Hope this helps.
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Rubric Scorer app now allows users to export student grade data in the format that is compatible to import into Teacher Aide assignment data. Try the free version which lets you customize 1 rubric for up to 20 students.
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+Jason English You will want to update to the latest Teacher Aide and Rubric Scorer apps.  You can now import grades from Rubric Scorer to Teacher Aide directly, and names from Teacher Aide to Rubric Scorer directly.  I'd be interested in hearing your feedback.  
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