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Parenting and lifestyle blogger.
Parenting and lifestyle blogger.

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My first house renovation post: Our New Bathroom!

When I first started looking for a house to buy last year following my separation, I was rather worried.  House prices had increased and availability in our area had de-creased.  I was petrified that I wouldn’t get back onto the property ladder.  After…

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At last.....I reached my rainbow.

I’ve been meaning to write a post for a while but I’ve been super busy.  I’ve really missed it though. I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy drawing.  I often express myself in written word far better than I would articulate in person.  I find it…

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"As you grow older you discover you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others" Audrey Hepburn New Post: Hey Jude

Like many people, I count my blessings every day and pray for my loved ones to stay healthy, happy and safe.  But sometimes……that isn’t enough. Sometimes the unthinkable happens. For me, the most unthinkable, unimaginable thing would be for my child to…

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Last week I posted this picture on Instagram.  It received over a hundred and fifty likes and comments in the space of a few days. You can see the post here.  They were messages full of support, encouragement and love. I was pretty amazed. It’s the first…

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Discontentment or restlessness? New Post: To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

Forgive me….this is one of those rambling posts that sometimes arises with a certain level of discontentment. When you go through a life changing events such as a divorce, the hope is that you learn and grow from the experience.  Having gone through two…

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Are you looking to book a safe, stress free villa holiday with young children? Family Holidays With Tots To Travel (Sponsored Post)

Spring is well and truly here.  The weather is warmer and so my thoughts have automatically turned to holidays and the promise of sunshine and relaxation. Everybody loves going on holiday but many parents will agree that taking children on holiday…

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Life lately has been busy, hectic and flippin hard work....but I couldn't be happier. I'm working on my house, my dreams and my happily ever after!

I’ve been trying to write this post for a few weeks now but life has been so busy lately, I keep getting side tracked.  We’ve been in our new house for nearly two months and most of my time and energy has been spent either working on the house in some way…

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Eeek! We are in our new house!! I can't stop smiling! An exciting new chapter begins: The Life I Should Be Living

It is Saturday morning and I’ve been awake since before six.  I decided to get up and work for a few hours before Seb wakes up to get ahead for the day. I came downstairs and opened the curtains, popped the kettle on and smiled a big smile, as I have done…

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I was delighted when Matalan invited me to take part in their Mother's Day campaign. I found some old photos and took a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

I’m told that I was a real mummy’s girl when I was little.  Mum says I used to follow her around and hide behind her skirt if any visitors came to the house.   Mum and Me (Age 2) My mum was a stay at home mum until I was a teenager.  She was always […]

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My night of doodling: Dave Draws Masterclass At The Renaissance Hotel

Everybody knows that I love a doodle but there is one artist in Manchester who takes doodling to a new level.  I was recently invited to attend a doodling master class with Dave Draws, a local artist who has rapidly grown a reputation for his doodled maps…
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