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Hiring a failed entrepreneur is mostly a mutually beneficial equation. The ex-entrepreneur understands typical startup issues, and the founders give them the opportunity to establish themselves once more.

"It's only about joining someone else's dream and making it your own," TaxiForSure's Hari said.

This is a great idea EXCEPT most entrepreneurs are that way because they want to work for themselves. 
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Te-Erika Patterson

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Is it really fair to expect that because Oprah met Steadman, she should totally ditch her companionship with her best friend? Is this expected? Did your relationships with life-long friends completely change once you met your mate? Why is one relationship more important than the other?
Winfrey’s stepmom gives an unfiltered Daily Mail interview about the former queen of daytime’s unusual relationship with her boyfriend—and even stranger one with her best friend.
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Te-Erika Patterson

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+Mike Melendez  Why would you send me a video of you jerking off?  DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE TO SEE THAT?

Ladies. Here's an asshole for you...
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It might be a fake account 
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Te-Erika Patterson

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Me today. 
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+T Thorn Coyle   I like smiles and not ashamed of it.  

A woman's smile can disarm any man.

I say http://stopTwerkingAsIfyoujustFuckedTheFifthFleet  
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Dear MTLA, I live in Warren, Ohio and I saw an article on Google and was really inspired by you. The person I am living with just up and decided that they wanted to leave me hanging while I am in between jobs and I have nothing. I decided that now would be a good time to move to LA to become a model. It will push me to be on my own. I want to know whether or not I should make the move and what I should do to make the first step. #MovingToLA #LosAngeles
I've lost everything. Is it a good time to move to Los Angeles?
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Te-Erika Patterson

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Why We Can't Be Friends

I had a very interesting exchange yesterday and I keep thinking about it and wondering if I will be like this my entire life. So I met a young man who is tall, extremely handsome, has an entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic and is very good at a lot of things. When we met, I think there was some attraction as well but I brushed it off because he’s only 41. He’s so young. 

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I appreciate the feedback and have wished I could change and be more people oriented but I can not. I enjoy life more when I don't interact socially. To change that to please others would not please me. I am willing to fail and to struggle alone without building relationships. It is a hard thing to accept but I would rather be alone than to have phony, insincere people around me who only like me for what I can offer them when they have nothing to offer in return.
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Te-Erika Patterson

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I had to do something tough today.

I told someone that they weren't good at their craft. I told them with love (I think) and gave them links to someone I know who is doing extremely well in their field. This person makes a full-time income from this profession but when I examined the product I was highly unimpressed. 

I could have smiled and said- You're awesome but I didn't want to be like that. There are subtle ways to improve and I offered them as suggestions. I know that was hard to hear especially since everyone here is a bit on the "tell you what you want to hear" side. 

Even if we never connect again, I hope my suggestions are at least considered. I did it in love. 
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Do you believe there is any truth to this?
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I love the national inquirer it proved me right Michelle a man. I've thought so for years.
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#ProgressPictures   #weightloss   #fitness   #weightliftingforwomen  

Heavy lifting results!
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I am confused about Google Voice.

Is it going to work or not once the 3rd party capabilities change?!topic/voice/CdojHZ5_WBU%5B1-25-false%5D
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It will not work as they are not continuing XMPP support. (Unless they change their minds)
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