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Choosing The Right Implants For Your Surgery
Breast implants come in a variety of styles, that have different projections and widths. Choosing a style is based on your anatomy, lifestyle and preferences. The same also stands true for the size of implant you prefer. Some women may want to add just a little bit of volume, while other women may want/need more fullness in the breasts

What Can Nose Surgery Correct?
Decrease the overall size of the nose
Increase the size of the nose through an Facial implant
Shorten the length of the nose
Narrow the width of the nostrils
Reduce the prominence of the tip
Remove a bump on the bridge of the nose
Correct nasal birth defects
Fix injuries from sports or other activities
Help with breathing problems by repairing a deviated septum

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How Much Does Liposuction Cost In Toronto?
Liposuction cost may vary from clinic to clinic in Toronto. Each surgeon and surgical facility varies based upon their equipment, accreditations, talent of the staff and experience of the surgeon which is why when you are researching the fee for liposuction you will find there is a variable range.

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Choosing The Right Implants For Your Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Proves Healthy in More than One Way!

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We understand that for many patients, a huge consideration when choosing a clinic/plastic surgeon is the price, which is why we will go over the factors that will influence the cost of your breast implant surgery.
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