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Taylor-Made Homestead
Blogging about living as softly on the earth as possible in our ranch homestead paradise
Blogging about living as softly on the earth as possible in our ranch homestead paradise

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Planned Leftovers - remake leftover pork roast into a totally new dish: Carnitas Tacos. Delicious & you can make your own taco shells!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #PlannedLeftovers - #PorkRoast - #CarnitasTacos

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Come see 5 Frugal Things (and even MORE) that we did at the Taylor Household this week to save money.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #5FrugalThings - #SaveMoney - #UseWhatchaGot

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A short list of some beautiful yet very hardy plants I've been able to get to thrive in our Botanical Hole Of Death.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #HardyPlants - #DifficultGrowingConditions

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HOMESTEAD HACK: DON'T WASTE ONION TRIMMINGS! I'm Using the tougher trimmed parts from onions to replace an item I used to have to buy

TaylorMadeHomestead - #FoodWaste - #FoodPreservation - #UseItAll

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She uses a repurposed canning jar & a salt container spout destined for the recycling bin to make a convenient pourable sugar jar!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #Repurposing - #CanningJar - #PouringSpout - #UseWhatchaGot

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A GLIMPSE INTO AN 1880's FARM: Did you ever wonder what it was like on a farm in the 1880's? Come walk through our Homestead & hear the whispers of the past.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #1880Barn - #OldHomestead

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TRIPLE-CHOCOLATE NO-BAKE TRUFFLES - RancherMan makes 'em for me every Valentine's Day. He says there's no reason not to spoil me because with only 4 ingredients they're so easy to make.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #Truffles - #Chocolate - #ValentinesDay

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Quick Tortilla Pizza! A tortilla, a tomato leather, some cheese & some diced onion, pepper, mushroom & jalapeno & BOOM! Lunch is served. Bon Appetit!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #TortillaPizza - #FastLunch

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I'm baking LOTS of bread these days but I'm trying to find shortcuts so that I'm not starting over every day. Come see my shortcut tips!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #HomemadeFood - #SaveMoney - #EatHealthy

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To prepare my vegetable garden for full production, I must take advantage of warm-day opportunities.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #VegetableGarden - #FebruaryGardening - #Zone8
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