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Taylor-Made Homestead
Blogging about living as softly on the earth as possible in our ranch homestead paradise
Blogging about living as softly on the earth as possible in our ranch homestead paradise

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When my sis offered an empty Parmesan cheese container for me to repurpose I was excited. See how it simplifies my life in the kitchen.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #Repurpose - #UseWhatchaGot

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Leftover Biscuit Dough? Make Cinnamon Rolls! I take the scrap dough from homemade biscuits & make a small pan of cinnamon rolls. They bake right alongside my biscuits!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #CinnamonRolls - #ScrapDough - #LovinFromTheOven

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I always feel panic when unexpected company shows. I polled our followers to see if they felt the same. Their responses were hilarious!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #UnexpectedCompany

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Bread-baking day is HUGE for using my phone. I have Siri set the timer for KitchenAid mix time, rise time, bake time, etc. I used to have to set the timer on the oven every time but Siri makes it so much easier (and portable!)

What's your favorite smart phone feature?

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #ILoveSiri - #SmartPhone

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We've been out of bread for several days. RancherMan's not complained but I know he doesn't like commercial bread. So since it's raining today I'm making his favorite sandwich bread recipe. I've tweaked the recipe to make 3 loaves instead of two. I'll keep 2 for sandwich bread & the third will have jalapenos and cheese mixed in for a little sumpin' - sumpin'!

#TaylorMadeHomestad - #HomemadeBread

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Wild hogs are destructive & plentiful. This post includes a short video showing them streaming across a pasture. But they're just escaped domestic pigs - they're pork, they're edible! See how we successfully trap them.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #WildHogs - #DestructivePests - #WildGameRecipes

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COWBOY CHILI RECIPE! If you love chili you'll love this one - it's a hearty recipe that includes beef, Black Beans and Dark BEER!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #HomemadeChili - #BlackBeans - #DarkBeer - #AwardWinner

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Our cows are a beef breed, not a milk breed. But still occasionally there's a reason for me to milk one out. Today's the day... You know you're a real country girl when you milk a cow. By hand. WHEW! That's hard work, y'all.

But I'm looking forward to using that fresh milk & cream!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #FreshMilk - #FreshCream

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Half a gallon of milk got too close to it's use-by date and was lightly soured. So I made cottage cheese with it. Very quick & so easy!

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #SouredMilk - #CottageCheese - #LowWaste

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TRIPLE-CHOCOLATE NO-BAKE TRUFFLES - They are delicious and so easy to make. Check out the simple recipe.

#TaylorMadeHomestead - #DecadentTreat - #Truffles - #Chocolate
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