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"Looking for mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process of moving off Android..."
Samsung is preparing for a 'post-Google era.'

Samsung Medial Solution Center President Hong Won-pyo told reporters today that Samsung is rapidly developing its Tizen operating system as an alternative to Android in preparation for a "post-Google era."

He said Samsung will release products that run on Tizen "as early as possible" and is looking for mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process of moving off Android.

The biggest barrier right now, he said, are "poor market conditions" (i.e. that Tizen doesn't have any apps). 
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+Taylor Wimberly think we've been seeing the writing on the wall for a while now. Thats why I was so excited to start buying Motorola, but now Google sold them, I thought they sold Motorola to stop Samsung from straying away from Android but I guess that wasn't the case. Seems to me if Google kept Motorola people would want to switch to them instead of Samsung. Go figure. My last Samsung product is my Nexus 10, which is actually always been problematic. So was my Galaxy nexus, wouldn't be surprised if Samsung built sub par nexus devices on purpose 
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Taylor Wimberly

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"The fast adoption of subsidy-free plans is setting up a real world test of consumer behavior: Will Americans continue to buy expensive phones if they are aware of the full price they are paying?" 
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I'll just stick with Nexus, One+, or whatever other companies hop on board in the future. Or maybe just go with Ara, and only pay for what I need at the time.
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Taylor Wimberly

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Interested in unlocked LTE devices for the US? Visit our site for more details on devices that are coming soon.
Free yourself on Earth Day!
Get ready for the unlocked Ascend Mate2 4G LTE. Your choice of any GSM carrier in the U.S.A. You don't have to restrict yourself anymore. Coming soon is a smartphone that is truly free, the way you like it, just like you.
Unlock yourself and experience the freedom.
Your service, your choice, your way #Huawei

Discovery starts here:
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Taylor, is Huawei pushing into the unlocked US market?  If so, awesome!  I'd love to see more options out there that are good values to go along with the Nexus, Moto G/X, and the new 1+One.
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Taylor Wimberly

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Speedtest on +T-Mobile #notbad
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+David Johnson thank you for sharing. Those are some awesome speeds. -Johnny 
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The shutter lag hasn't totally been solved, and I miss the green focus ring. Otherwise it's fine. Need to take it through a proper road test
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Bought 3 of these for family members. Would recommend again.
Nest + Google + Earth Day = 
Google bought Nest and its smart thermostat a few months ago, and now it's integrating the product into its ecosystem more completely on Earth Day. The Nes... by Ryan Whitwam in Google, News
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We have one in our house and I love it. It's especially nice having the Android app as a remote control, so you can adjust the thermostat without getting out of bed. :)

We've also seen a drop in our heating/cooling bills.
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Taylor Wimberly

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Love the design of the Moto 360, but I'm also fond of the square display that LG is using. I'd hope this G Watch retails for under $300. Gear 2 Neo is already at $199, so it better be close to that.
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Why don't you get both, before the chants of kill the 1%er rise hear me out. Assuming Android Wear will come "pure" on each manufacturers iteration switching watches will not change the way a person uses the watch. Just as if it was a "dumb" watch (is this a thing yet) no matter which one I put on may it be a Casio or a Hublot you tell time the same way. So just as you wouldn't wear a large sports watch with a tux, why limit yourself to one smart watch. I am a watch guy, no I don't have Rolexes or other ultra luxury brands, and a good watch will start around $250 so if I pay that much for a "dumb" one paying the same for a "smart" one is a bargain. 
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Taylor Wimberly

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Excited to share that I am going to work for +Huawei Device USA! Make sure to add them to your circles for some exciting updates.
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Congratulations +Taylor Wimberly! I had read some where that +Huawei Device USA was pulling out of the US market. Apparently that was a false statement.
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I like how Google takes all the great camera features from HTC (first auto awesome videos and now lens blur) then brings them to all Android devices. Not saying that HTC invented any of these experiences, but they implemented them well. Next I want to see video+photo capture at the same time (Zoe mode). 
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Just waiting to see when HTC will open that app up to a wider phone base...
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Taylor Wimberly

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Nice gallery of sample photos taken with the new Google Camera app on a Nexus 5.
I'm super excited that we just launched a brand new Google Camera app, available to everyone running +Android KitKat. Read on to learn about Photo Sphere, Panorama, and Lens Blur. And check out my gallery of some of my favorites, all shot with my #Nexus5 .

For all you #photosphere  lovers out there, we've raised resolution 6x up to 50 megapixels! These will look AMAZING on +Google Maps and #Views  (

You can create traditional panoramas in "Panorama" mode, letting you capture towering redwood trees or buildings, or go horizontally to see across the horizon. I'm loving this!

And, we're introducing a brand new feature called "Lens Blur", which we created to give you the ability to create narrow depth-of-field photos like in your DSLR. Since we save the depth map of your image, you can even change the focal point and depth-of-field AFTER shooting. It's been an honor to work on this since the very beginning with the brilliant engineering leads, Carlos Hernandez and +Steve Seitz

Install Google Camera:

Learn more about the magic behind Lens Blur:

Thanks to the amazing engineering team I've worked with here, including +Sascha Haeberling+Scott Ettinger+Bryan Feldman, +Daniel Filip, and David Lee who will soon be sharing more of their photos as well.
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Nice. These are some good quality pics.

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Obsessed with mobile technology.
Hi plus. My name is Taylor and I love all things mobile. 
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