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I wonder what his job is going to be. Anyone want to speculate?
“I’m so tired of waiting for my smartphone to get the latest update of Android. The CyanogenMod team releases updates days after the source code is available. Why doesn’t [insert handset maker] just h...
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Do Steve a favor. Don't speculate. If he wants stories posted, he will contact you.
Don't need to speculate. Don't need to publicize. Some things in life should just remain private.
I am really excited to see what comes of this!
I think he is employed by Samsung while secretly being "sold" to Apple to get Apple off Samsung's asses while simultaneously engineering back doors into China's and Russia's Android phones for the US government .... yea thats gotta be it

Or he is doing what most other employees at phone companies are doing which is developing
Agree with the crew, and as well. Speculating only pushes you farther away, and it's fairly inconsiderate. 
His job is probably to create the next TouchWiz, if they continue to call it that.
As a commentator, I make a living on speculation. I contacted Steve and posted his short response so I don't know if you were talking about me spreading rumors. And if he wanted his employer to remain private, then why did he post it on Facebook?
Today has been such a roller coaster of Google news. All I can really say is..... +Taylor Wimberly, I am so glad that you have found the time to still write for Your posts have always been so insightful, and well, awesome...I'm glad you can "pencil us in". haha
I think you've missed the point, +Clark Wimberly. I don't think anyone is upset that you've told your audience that he got hired by Samsung. He posted it to Facebook, which made it public. Same as if he's put it anywhere else online.

What seems mildly disconcerting to me (as I have no interest in speculating on what Kondik or any of the douche's are thinking) is the baseless follow-up. You had a good story with "event Y happened". You got your clicks, your impressions, and your comments. Job done.

Speculating beyond that is where the privacy line gets crossed. That, you see, is information that he hasn't made public. If that changes, it's public, so who the hell cares. Until then, however, you're just making it harder and harder for the guy to enjoy being online anywhere other than the locked down Team Douche IRC.
There seems to be a lot of speculation on what Steve wants - has he come out with an opinion on the subject?
Head of TouchWiz UX development? (unlikely, but that's what I'd hope for. Even though it's getting better, Steve can REALLY make it sing).
That's what I'm wondering +Jeremiah Akin.

I just don't understand why someone getting a good job and it being interesting to people is a bad thing. No one is trying to hurt anybody here.
I'm so late but this is awesome news. So happy for Steve and Samsung.
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