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If MotoMaker 1.0 is an AT&T exclusive that lets Motorola work out the kinks in the new system. then imagine what MotoMaker 2.0 could look like in Q4...

1. The ability to buy an unlocked device that runs on AT&T and T-Mobile.
2. The ability to choose 3 different base models: Moto X Mini for $199, Moto X for $299, Moto X MAXX for $399.
3. The ability to choose 3 different storage sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
4. The ability to choose 2 different RAM sizes: 2GB, 3GB
5. The ability to choose 3 different class CPUs: Snapdragon 400, 600, 800
6. New materials for custom back plates including wood, ceramics, metals, fabrics.

Picking some of the individual hardware specs might a year away, but it should still be possible for Moto X to support 3  base product lines (Mini, Normal, Maxx) similar to the new Droid series.

It's no fun waiting for an unlocked version of the Moto X, but the choices for customization could be greatly enhanced over the next couple months.
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Just think in a couple months. We might be celebrating new customization options in MotoMaker, instead of the launch of a completely new phone from Motorola. Moto X could get new hardware and design options every quarter, new software refresh every year, and new outer shell every 2 years.
I'm hoping for a Maxx version by the end of the year. 
L Brown
Sounds awesome, but I don't think it's happening. Just like everything else that we hoped for the moto x..
+Taylor Wimberly I am hoping this is from the same various leakers since they pretty much nailed everything about Moto X.
4 and 5 are impossible, unfortunately. I suppose, now they have 2 large boxes of moterboards (16 and 32 gb). With more options they will need 18 boxes (and boxes are expensive)
+Taylor Wimberly is this just your thoughts or are these actual rumors?. I'm on sprint and don't really care about being on contract or not, what would you say my best bet would be?
+Dustin Carpenter This is just speculation based on rumors. There will def be more customization options coming later this year. I think Sprint is the worst carrier, but it depends where you live.
+Taylor Wimberly I agree with sprint being the worst, I get a deal through work and unlimited data is nice. They are slowly rolling out LTE in Minneapolis which is nice. Their 3g service is crap, barely even get 1mbps but their LTE has hit over 30mpbs which isn't to shabby. 
You've lost the right to talk about this phone....
+Taylor Wimberly You think they would actually release something totally new in just a couple of months? Wouldn't that not sit well with early adopters? So I guess my question is, why would I buy this phone on Verizon now? I should just wait until Q4, right?
+Dominick A. Scarfogliero Yes I believe they will add more customization options. Wood back plates are already confirmed for Q4, and more materials are on the way. Wouldn't be a stretch to see some new spec options made available.
+Taylor Wimberly I consider myself an "average" customer (mainly because I'm forced to, being a college student on a Verizon family plan). Now that all of the major Android OEMs have released their flagship phones for this year, I really see no reason to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. I think the best option is just wait and see what +Motorola Mobility does with the Moto X in the coming months.

My main hesitation is Android 5.0. I really want the first Android 5.0 phone on Verizon and I hope Motorola will release an updated Moto X on Verizon with 5.0 by years end.
Great post!  This is exactly what I felt like was happening.  Remember the Nexus 4 launch?  None of us want that again!
+Taylor Wimberly I'm guessing "Q4" means we'll likely see wood backs by Christmas eve.  I'm wondering if anyone has heard a more hard date on their arrival.
+Taylor Wimberly Might be we all are overlooking one Googley thing about Motorola that they might have up their sleeve.

What if moto maker 3.0 or 4.0 lets you send back your phone to motorola and have it upgraded to latest specs of current year which essentially means a new phone from user perspective. And if you combine it with different material customization on top of it....

Thats what Motorola executives have been saying, they focused on the shell and then build up entire phone out of it.

And second most important thing is , x8 is independent of CPU underneath.

Here : "We can with with any Qualcomm processor. We can work with anybody's CPU. That's the beauty of it; all of our technology and experiences are decoupled from the legacy CPU processor," he said.

Think about it. This will basically mean motorola hardware as service! Which could be huge!

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