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As previously reported, the Moto X features a 10MP Clear Pixel camera, for enhanced low light performance. The pixel size is 1.4 microns, which is smaller than the HTC One (2.0), but larger than the GS4 (1.1). This special camera module also has x4HD Video capture, which bins 4 pixels together to create one perfect pixel. Video can be recorded in 1080p HD at 60 FPS and played back in slow motion at 30 FPS. Three microphones also enable 3D audio recording. Please +1 or share if you love marketing buzz words.
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Awesome.... any word yet on availability right after the Thursday announcement?
Ack. That won't-lie-flat case is gonna be a deal breaker. Grrr....
+Taylor Wimberly do you know if Motorola is working on shipping 4.3 with it? Or at least a quick update for it after launch? If they talked about either of those scenarios at their press conference then I will be delighted. This is the closest phone I'll get to a Nexus on Verizon.
HTC One lays flat (enough) on a table, I tested it my self. Based on that pic MotoX will be nicknamed the "wobbly goblin" :(
I can not wait to see photos and videos made ​​by MotoX camara
+Todd Barnard I mean I feel if the HTC One is "flat enough" then I think the Moto X could be. You never know, however. multi-million dollar product idea: Sell replacement cases for the MotoX that lie flat on a table. Charge $59.99 each for them, sell ~3 million a year. You're welcome.
+Derek Traini Test units have Android 4.2.2, so my guess is it ships with that and a quick upgrade to 4.3. Moto will talk about their commitment to fast upgrade cycles. Software is very similar to the new Droids - it's pure Android experience with a couple Moto apps on top.
+Taylor Wimberly awesome, just what I wanted to hear. I know Verizon likely won't get any Nexus devices for a while, maybe when they roll out VoLTE so CDMA is gone for good! I can't wait for the announcement, do you know what time it is? I know it is Thursday, and I know they are having some huge after-party from 8pm-1am, but when is the launch event?
Thurs announcement can't come soon enough!!
Don't they normally bind pixels together for not full res photos or video?
+Derek Traini +Taylor Wimberly First step for these OEMs was to get their flagship device on all the major carriers. Now that they have that completed, the next step is to update their devices whenever they want on all carriers, like Apple does. Hopefully +Motorola Mobility will be able to do that. I don't want to wait 6 months after 5.0 is released for the Moto X to get it on +Verizon Wireless.
+Todd Barnard we can see the top isn't flat but perhaps the lower part is, so you'll get a pretty stable 3-point support?
so keen for this phone, dont care about the specs. Hello Moto
Did you know  price? Or what did you think it will be cost???
HDR video mode? And in 2013 phones should start recording 4K video.
Wild prediction: at 8pm they announce that phones are available immediately and stores are staying open late... So everyone can be a part of the party. Now that's how to announce a phone.
What 's different with Droid Maxx ?!
...and for the UK?  Any idea, when?  
Marketing or not the determining factor will be how it actually performs. No amount of marketing will save it if they are awful like previous moto cameras 
Agreed Chris, but all the pre-launch reviews suggest it is an awesome bit of kit...
+Ben Ataboon Hello Moto:)  Not heard that in ages... Classic, do you remember their old side swivel phone?
+Wilson X smaller screen, smaller battery, and on screen buttons rather than capacitive 
Hope your prediction is right, that would be awesome!
Even if it doesn't have the super high end specs as long as it performs well that is all that matters. Regardless I am buying one, because I don't want to see companies like Samsung ruin what android could be
Plus Samsung are developing their own OS, so where would that then leave Google?
+Adrian Worgan In the same place they are now. Would hurt Samsung more than google since people but Samsung because of android not because of Samsung 
+Dustin Carpenter I believe it will be very smooth and with 4.3 right around the corner it will only get better. There are a lot of good reports coming in on the 4.3 ROM's.
+Alex Blok pretty sure moto wants to build hype. Apple likes to try and keep everything under wraps. This may be motos way to extinguish all of the super specs rumors and not have people have unrealistic expectations 
Will certainly be interesting to see how much this ClearPixel tech helps, supposedly it will allow for 50% more light to hit the sensor.  So if you figure the equivalent pixel area, that would be 2.94µm² compared to 1.21µm² for the S4 and 4µm² for the One.  Considering you're getting 2.5 times the resolution of the One, I'd say that's quite good.  Can't wait for Thursday!
I think Moto X's back cover is not removable. One of the FCC tests says "This product utilizes an internal battery that is not removable.", and SIM cards are inserted to a side of the phone.
+Isaac Kwan just because the battery isn't removable doesn't mean the back isn't. The leaks seemed to point that it is removable and hence the customization options 
New Droids already have this so called Special camera Unit
I am predicting that both front and back are removable, thus making this phone fully customizable.
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