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Moto X features a laminated aluminum structure for a light weight and high strength design. Please +1 or share if you are sick of moto leaks.
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What I would most like to know now is will the Moto X, assuming it is sold on the Play store, receive auto Android updates directly from Google (similar to the Nexus phones)?
sick of moto leaks? never!!! keep them coming
I hope this phone will be everything I want it to be...
+Mike Ventura most likely will be like the google edition phones and get it a little later since this isn't complete stock android 
Not sick of it, but I clicked +1 for the info. 
Maybe it was a typo and he meant +1 if you want more moto leaks ;)
If you could leak more often a day, that would be great!
I honestly couldn't care less about a phone that is 1) Not a Nexus, and 2) Not designed with top-of-the-line specs. Competition is good, don't get me wrong, and I'm glad this device is getting a lot of hype as it will hopefully sell as a result, but I'm just sick of hearing about it.
+David Bauman I'm a Nexus guy, too. Still this phone looks to change the way the non-Nexus game is played. Just a thought, Sir.
My biggest question is whether or not it will have or be available with a CDMA radio, or are big red customers screwed... Again?
+Justin Hall While I don't in any way disagree with you, I don't play the non-Nexus game any more (and never will go back to it again), which is predominantly why I don't care.
Would someone care to identify the bottom two layers? I know the bottom one is the back cover, but what is that gray colored thing inside the back cover?
+David Bauman I agree. I'm REALLY curious as to whether or not this phone can break this silly cycle of no updates and poor support/ hiding of AOSP.

Your thoughts?
Harder and harder to believe the 299 price...
Does that mean it's plastic wrapped in aluminum foil?
Leaks are what pay the salaries of most Android blogs.

Or at the very least the server costs.
inna lillahi ow inna ilaihi rajiwn
Motorola phones leak?
What I'm most curious about right now is what app is showing on the screen that looks so.... metro.
+David Bauman yet you took the time not only to care but to post on a thread you supposedly do not care about...
I am trying to manage my expectations about this device but I'm getting pretty excited!
+jared zerjav there were pics showing the Verizon version so hopefully we won't get screwed this time around and can buy it through play store and not be forced to pay 200+ more like with the galaxy nexus 
Any confirmation that Verizon customers can buy direct from Google? I fully second +Chris Koch on this one.
+Joshua Sutton this isn't meant to be a flagship at all. Hence the 720p display and dual core processor. Not to mention the same was said about the nexus 7 and they still kept the low price for a pretty damn good tablet. 
+Joshua Sutton you sure it's this one? And you realize that can be done with proper optimized software and not need a quad core because it is pure google and not some crappy skin? Android doesn't "need" quad core and 3gb of ram. It's only when you add the skins does it. This benchmarked better than the quad core running nexus 4 so think it will be able to hold its own 
+David Bauman you say your sick of hearing about it, you are obviously searching for it because I have not yet seen any moto x leaks in the whats hot catergory
+Joshua Sutton I think google could get away with this since they would assume people would be using their services and getting more money on services than needing a high margin on sales of devices. I mean the phones cost less than $200 to make so at 300 it wouldn't be much per unit but would still be something and prevent them from losing money.
+Dustin Carpenter Uh, I follow Taylor, and, it's all over his stream? Practically every other post is about the stupid X-Phone.
I dont want more leaks, I just want the phone.
This isnt anything special. The gnex and the S3 had something similarv
+Jon Yuen well hope this is stronger because the galaxy nexus flexed like no other. And hopefully has been improved since then 
when i drop my GNex, it just bounces into 3 pieces. on my 2nd and while i love it to death... i need this Moto X to be everything my GNex has been for the next 2 years.
The black tape stuff on the back piece of the Moto X. That's wireless charging right? 
Anybody knows if the august 1st event will be live streamed?
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