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Did some digging on that "Google Watch." Turns out it was called the Moto xWATCH and scheduled to launch same time as moto x. Don't know if it was delayed or had a name change, but the two products definitely integrate in some interesting ways for device authentication. Guess we find out on August 1st. 
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I'd rather have that tattoo/pill they were talking about haha. Regardless, this sounds great for me, not my wallet :)
+Taylor Wimberly you said "was called" and "scheduled to launch"  So it definitely either had a name change or was delayed?  
+Tyler Fox Just thinking xWATCH could be a code name. Like xFON was code for moto x. Using past tense because things change so fast in the mobile industry. Info from yesterday could be old news by tomorrow. 
So do you think both Google and Motorola are building a smart watch? Or is there just one watch from Motorola?

I still think it's a little weird that Google and Motorola are technically competing with the Moto X and Nexus 4 and now possibly two different smart watches.

+Taylor Wimberly Do you think Moto X will be released with 4.3 for BT LE to connect to this new xWATCH?
I really hope that the xwatch is real.  Tight integration with xphone and possibly hardware authenication with all google OS's. 
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