Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X).
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If it is on Verizon, Motorola has my money.

Also, any more info to provide?
I guess I should wait to see if it shows up on Verizon before I make my purchase
Mark Avery
i thought LG was doing the next Nexus.... or are we starting those rumors again that there will be multiple nexus from multiple manufactures?
+Mark Avery LG has said that they are not working on a Nexus, but would be open to making one again.
Jens V
Is it "a" Nexus smartphone, or "the" Nexus smartphone?
A moto Nexus would be unreal!!!   as long as its on Verizon too.. cuz otherwise, im screwed
saul ruiz
+Derek Traini after galaxy nexus debacle, I doubt Google let's Verizon sniff nexus' under panties ever again
Leo T
Stop teasing! Do tell.......
Does this mean no LG Nexus is in the pipeline?
Too much money for them to ignore verizon .... Probably will stay once every 2 yrs for Verizon nexi
Nexus X? Maybe? Either way I can't wait and hope it comes to Verizon or at least sell a Verizon version off contract. Otherwise customized Moto X it is.
Will be interesting to see if any of the "Motorola" features that are not currently part of Android make it over to the Nexus X.
Any word on carriers? 
As much as I used to like Verizon for their speed. It has drastically gone down in my area( houston) I've had the gnex since it first came out and just disappointed in how bad the speed has gone down. I had to wipe the slobber from my keyboard looking at this post. Can't wait to hear more :) Switching to T-mobile the first chance I get with one of these new phones coming out.
I really wanted to see the LG G2 become the next Nexus. Liked the specs and the layout. I know many doing like the button layout, but for me, I actually think it would have worked very well.
Can't wait til the blogs get this and go crazy with it... 
Crap...I need a new phone asap. Moto X for now, I'll worry about the Moto Nexus when the time comes. 
Moto x on t mobile then use their upgrade plan to get the nexus 5
really...? Is that the cheaper version of Moto X they were talking about?
A Nexus will never be on Verizon again, PERIOD lol...better chance of hell freezing over!!
Being on Verizon, I can now deal with the Droids having capacitive buttons.
Keeps my hope alive that it is 5+ inches. The Moto X is simply too small for my needs.
True story +Adrian Neal not as long as it needs CDMA connectivity (meaning Google can skip Verizon for pushing out updates) is needed. no nexus will be on verizon. 
Nexus device with the same specs and battery and same features but not that price? Isn't that just another Moto X?
How about another sprint nexus?
Google learned their lesson ppl...GSM Only GSM Only GSM Only; updates come directly from them that way...CDMA is 100% carrier driven lol
I'm happy with my S4 on tmo but if it's nice enough I may JUMP to it. 
Sad. I thought sprint was on Google's good side
No source means it's meaningless.
As long as you don't provide a source, it's a blatant lie.

Stop spreading rumors, it's fucking annoying.
I love the form factor of the X. I love the design and the concept. I only need four more things from the nexus phone:

1. good camera (Moto X pictures have not impressed me)
2. wireless charging
3. freedom to choose carrier - any time taking my phone with me 
4. reasonable price - I am willing to pay a premium (REASONABLE) but I get to keep and control where I use the phone and who provides the data services for that phone. 

I am just so tired of being owned by the carrier. 
Forget anything else will it be available in the UK?
Oh gawd no. I'll never buy a moto, ever. Lg g2 it is. 
Wait so multiple Nexii this time around or Moto won the bid to make the next Nexus phone this year? There's been rumors of LG making the Nexus 5 for a while now.
I have had only 2 companies that have failed me. HTC and moto. Its hard to go back to a company that left a bad taste for more of their products. 
Is it the international version of the moto x?? 
I think the next nexus is Motorola, I don't see any reason why google going to paid for make the next nexus when they have the own company ti make it 
Is this based off anything? Or just a guess?
There will never be another nexus on +Verizon Wireless after they screwed up the Galaxy Nexus so bad. They don't deserve it
Better chance of a tsunami in minnesota than a Nexus ever again on Verizon...just sayin' :)
Please give us a confidence level, Taylor. 100%? Your statement seems to indicate such.
Please guys know Verizon they screwed up the Nexus program when it was putting their hands no Verizon please
Motorola is definitely getting their groove back
if it comes with a good processor im in. 
This is like when the moto X rumours first started.

Anyway, make mine an X10 (actually I really don't mind dual core X8 either, as long as it has the voice chip), good camera, industrial design, and most importantly NOT A PHABLET, I REPEAT NOT A PHABLET! Hope it's like whoever posted with the new N4 being Moto while N5 is LG.

Also, I can really see the Google Now/Siri type thing from the Moto X/new DROIDs (is this a Google or a Moto thing with the voice control actually controlling phone features like Siri instead of just search?) and Active Notification lockscreen being in 5.0, Moto X may be a testing ground and if successful, may be in AOSP?

And maybe some customisability, if possible? :)
Can we have at least a Quad core CPU or maybe Octo Core?
+Mark Avery
We already have the Multiple Nexus from Multi OEM's.... That rumor came true, its just that it was called the Google Edition phones.
Don't get why people are hoping it doesn't go to VZW. Moreover, in regard to the comment about needing CDMA, why not just push updates over the internet like they push apps to install with the play store and skip CDMA completely?
Well this kinda scares me and I am a huge nexus whore, going by the moto x if it's anything like it I might be forced to buy a lg or sammy gahhh!
People that say no Verizon make me laugh. Why wouldn't you want it on as many carriers as possible? If you're not on verizon it wouldnt affect you anyway. Quit acting like a little whiny girl for something that wouldn't deal with you anyway. Not to mention it would still be open and unlocked even if Verizon slowed updates 
+Chris Koch I would imagine from a manufactures stand point making a device that can be sold on one carrier in one country compared to making a device that can be sold on the majority of carriers world wide might make it a bit obvious of why building a Verizon specific device does not make much financial sense anymore. Also, ask some Galaxy Nexus owners if they will ever buy another Verizon Nexus. I would imagine all they can respond with is a sad face and a small sentence under their breath related to six month delays in updates.

Do I care if they release it to Verizon, nope. But do I expect them to? No. Its a small, extremely competitive market and the added cost of hardware, certifications, and minimum production numbers has got to make it pretty difficult to make money.
+Alexander Maxham +Adrian Neal  can you explain the CDMA and google not allowed to push out updates part? i have heard this before, but it doesn't make sense since apple can do it with iOS. thanks!
+Ian Thomas the update delays on verizon is the reason why i'm glad i bought a nexus... the dev community is awesome and the galaxy nexus is easy to hack, so i don't have to wait on verizon... i've been rocking 4.3 for a while now :-)
+Ian Thomas the galaxy nexus was a POS and had nothing to do with updates. Poor battery, poor radios. 
Coool .. kill em all bany moto 
So long as it doesn't have always on voice recognition baked in I'll bite, but if it has it baked in as standard under a proprietary layer with the chipset then no thanks. Location all the time is one step but always on recognition I don't want thanks.
+Chris Koch Between my Gnex and the several we use at the office that are GSM. I am going to have to disagree. The GSM version has worked fine and still does. I'm not going to trade my N4 for one but they still work great.
Since we got LTE where I live (Finally!) I was tempted to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus to the Moto X. Not anymore :)
i was really dying for news of the nexus 5. i was thinking that they wouldnt bother with the nexus line anymore bcuz of the GE phones. good to hear some rumors though
It is going to be a long wait until the end of the year. I can't wait to see how these offerings unfold. So far the race for me is between the Moto X and the Nexus 5. I am more than happy to give Motorola a chance and I really hope this rumor pans out. The only way it's a downer is if the off contract price is too high or the Nexus 5 is not available on Verizon.
+Taylor Wimberly by using the word 'a' are you implying more than one Nexus phone in the fall? Perhaps a low end model from Motorola say less than $200 and a high end successor to the N4? This would go well with the Apple rumors of a low end and high end model. As well, there were some rumors of key lime pie being optimised for ultra low end handsets. 
+Greg Reynolds apple can push their own updates because it's part of the agreement in order to sell the iPhone.
+Andrew Ting Verizon is in charged of ensuring that the updates don't break the drivers or other functionality. Remember that CDMA is proprietary were GSM is an international public standard.
YES PLEASE. I hope the dimensions are the same or smaller than the Moto X.
+Xochitl Sandoval that's what i thought... so being CDMA doesn't have to mean google is locked out from updating android directly... it's all in the agreements/contracts right?
Hmm... things went sour over with LG huh? I'm not sure that Moto making the next Nexus is the best thing. LG has the technology that I want right now. 
Anyway, lets get some deeeets +Taylor Wimberly !!!
Dan Vo
I'd be willing to bet that it'll be sporting Moto's new 8 core chip and will have a big emphasis on the camera...
+Greg Reynolds Android devices have yet to bypass carrier involvement due to the fact it's open source...the iPhone is a tightly closed OS so from day one they negotiated that they would push updates to their own devices; been that way from the very start courtesy of Mr. Steve Jobs...also the reason there is zero bloatware or logos! The iPhone was his baby
+Ian Thomas I meant on Verizon. Updates had nothing to do with the awful battery and poor radios 
phenomenal news. keep the nexus program alive.
Ling Ly
So can we finally get a top of the line phone with a physical keyboard?
+Derek Traini That response vague and was a refutation of another response.  Please, not Motorola. The Nexus 5 better 5.0" - 5.2", 1080p, quad core -- not like the colored case, dual core, 720p, sub-5" junk Moto just released.

What happened to the Nexus 5 prototype LG showed Google CEO back in May? I still don't believe Moto is making this. LG had a dual development plan for G2 and Nexus 5 -- specs were confirmed by South Korean newspaper Daum.

Don't screw this up, Google. I'll buy an unlocked Sony Xperia ZL C6506 (quad core, 5", HSPA+ pentaband, multiple LTE bands) in a heartbeat. I'm waiting on the Nexus 5, but I have a backup plan...
+Paul Schmelzel I agree.  Nexus 5 based on G2 would have been perfect.  I don't need another sub-5", 720p, dual core phone.  I already have a 2011 Galaxy Nexus.
+HeCareth M. Wosu You were WRONG in that article. Nexus has never been a "mid-range" phone.  In fact, the LG Nexus 4 consistently was voted one of the top phones most of this year.
i really hope this has ≥ the power of a snapdragon 800 if they aren't going qualcomm.
if this is legit then it makes up for the moto x launch price buzz kill...
How to buy a nexus phone in China?:(
Hate to disappoint all the Verizon fans but the Nexus is a developer phone and Verizon doesn't allow developer phones. In fact, the Nexus that was released on Verizon got it's support pulled. Good luck though
+Charles Matthews look again the Nexus phones were never the top specd phones. In addition many folks do not want another 5"+ battery sucking phone with more power than you will ever need.

The Nexus line is a developer reference phone to show off the OS not the power of the hardware. It makes sense that it should not be the highest spec phone because not all Android phones have huge screens and quad core processors.
A 1080 screen would be nice but I don't want it at the expense of battery life. Plus I like being able to use my phone in one hand, bigger is not always better.
well that sucks. After seeing the incredible hardware on the LG G2, I want that to be the next Nexus!
I'm sure the specs will be fine, but I want that moto x oled screen! That is really cool
+Taylor Wimberly ... I see your off again? The Moto X at "$199 off contract" worked out reasonably well for you - there's a lot of upset people complaining that the phone is overpriced. OK, so let's see. The Moto X isn't actually on the market yet, so let me start another false narrative about a Nexus from Motorola to dissuade people for actually buying it. 
Who are you working for Microsoft? Apple? LOL :)
+Ian Thomas I've had a VZW Nexus for almost 2 yrs, I would definitely get another VZW Nexus. A little slow on the updates, but still had the latest and greatest way before most others. Bring it VZW, I won't complain, especially when I can still shore up my unlimited.

Just give us decent battery life. Eight hours screen on time so it lasts and lasts. Not higher specs that needs to be charged every five minutes! 
I really hope you are right please oh please god let him be right
+J. L. Smith this is good news! I want going to get a Moto X until I could order a custom one on Verizon anyway. Sounds like a lot of Motos to choose from come holiday season. 
Three questions: will it have an SD card slot? Can I install cyanogen mod? Will it be cheaper than the moto x? I need three yeses to buy.
this information will hit the selling of moto X
Hi! Australia here. Please don't forget about us. Love from Down Under.
Stock problems? I hope not...
+Derek Traini >verizon
Highly unlikely Google will release another Verizon Nexus, seeing as the last one (the Galaxy Nexus) tarnished the Nexus name because Verizon locked it down and made it shitty. VZW wont even let it get OTA updates from Google. Quite frankly I'm surprised they are letting Motorola supply them with their biggest selling devices, the Droids.  They could destroy Verizon in minutes by doing that and quite frankly I wish they would. Fuck Verizon.
Maybe this is the 'interesting' phone Motorola hinted would be coming to UK later this year? Since we're not getting the Moto X.. 
You guys should not believe everything someone else writes here...
You omitted to say "for the US continent only" ...
Amon RA
Pff...Everyone already knows that the Nexus 5 will be from LG and based on the G2... ;-) 
If Motorola makes the next Nexus phone, it won't be released in Russia. Sad but true. :( 
I can't wait to pay double the price for this in Australia 
let's wait if the battery can be changed ... if not it's a clear no-buy like Nexus 4 :-/
Be sure to release it in Germany as soon as else where. 
+rhy o'drinnan I doubt that Google will ever support a phone with an SD slot again. They will always push for you to store data in the cloud. They can learn more about you with your data in the cloud easier than they can with the data on the SD card. A small amount of device based memory to handle apps and buffer data in use but storage will be done off site. Not a bad thing as you have cross device access and access at all time even after a phone upgrade.
Top class manufacturer's do not support SD slot, because of some bottle necks they create.So they insist on the on board memory
Just in from Deep Throat! Nexus world phone, tegra 4i, X8 architecture, 2Gram/8Grom, 720p, $199 pre paid.
:-) Just Kidding. 
OMG THE CLOUD....its like you people have never heard of remote file storage and that it was invented by apple only a few years ago or something.

On board storage wouldn't be a problem if they put terabyte storage in them.
Also ewwww @ wanting to put cyanogen on a new unit .. Its a slow laggy and buggy ROM. 
It wasn't a year ago (or maybe it was, I can't tell anymore) that rumors were flying around that Google was going to start releasing multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers. While I would say that the Google Edition phones are essentially the same thing, I wonder why both LG and Motorola couldn't manufacture Nexus phones?

I don't know that that's the case and speculation from me is worth less than nothing, but two low-cost Nexus-branded phones isn't anything that I would be against.
+Christopher Li-Reid CyanogenMod slow, laggy, and buggy? I've never had that experience with a CM ROM, unless it was an early beta (and in that case, it's to be expected). I have CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) running on my S4 right now and it works phenomenally well.
Anything with 1gb or less of ram it runs sluggish compared to other ROMs. Also their ROMs aren't really tailored to specific phones so cm10.1 on say a galaxy s2 is way flaky and its a stable release..same with the release for my note 1..its slow and reboots aoot and the gos camera and Bluetooth don't work...and its also a stable release 
So LG Nexus 5 and a Moto Nexus 4 v2. Sweet!!!!!!!!
That will definitely be a potential knock and smack down in the smmartphone war.
That's all anyone wants is a moto x with a snapdragon 800 and a amazing camera. And for a no compromise phone people will be willing to shell out good money. 
I think Sony deserves to make a new Nexus. 
I'm not a big fan of Motorola, but then I also wasn't a fan of LG before the Nexus 4.
Let's just hope that it won't be a phone built by Americans for Americans in America and only available to Americans in America like the Moto America, I mean Moto X.
I don't think it will be a phone. I'm guessing a smart watch
+Oscar Cortes My GFs N4 gets much faster speeds than my LTE gnex gets now(this has not always been the case) but my gnex still feels faster because of the much lower ping. 
So are both Motorola Nexus 4 & LG Nexus 5 reality this year?
I don't see Motorola doing a Nexus phone, yet... My guess is LG (again - which would be awesome) or Sony this time (I just think they would do a NICE Nexus device with Bravia engine)
Google needs to keep the patents and dump the rest of Motorola.  The mindset of the employees there is hopeless.
+Joshua Porrata I would agree it does have a lower ping, but only because the N4 only has hspa+. Have you tried the N4 with LTE if there is any in your area? My GF also has an N4 and will soon try out the LTE here in houston to see what ping I get. I'm pretty sure it will be just as good.
If its "a" Nexus Phone.. I dont mind.. however if its "The" Nexus Phone.. Then this is a very very sad news for someone lyk me who lives in India. Moto shut shop in India some tym ago, and if this happens.. Then There is no way I can get my hands on the next nexus.. #Disapointed   #MotoFail  
I think a lot of you are missing the fact that with Verizon's moving to 100% 4G LTE with their phones having true 4G instead of a hybrid chip of 4G/3G, Verizon will be on GSM technology and fully governed by their block spectrum agreement. LTE is the evolution of GSM/UMTS standard not CDMA and is being recognized as the first global wireless technology.

So there is a big possibility that a Nexus could come back to the Verizon network considering it's plans to push VOLTE phones at the end of this year.
Finally !!!!!!!Cant wait to get my hand on it!!!
I am waiting for more details from you...
They need to hurry up. My Galaxy Nexus is on the cusp of dying 
Take my money, and give my new Nexus! lol
i want a lg g2 based nexus because the specs are beast
+Bupesh Jain I am still sporting an HTC Incredible in the name of waiting for the phone that meets my needs - please hurry. 
+Rabid Rotty
I dont think you caught my point there. There was never going to be multiple 'Nexus' devices. The rumor was Multiple Nexus because someone heard about the multiple Google Edition phones and described it wrong. After that the details got thin as the rumor passed from person to person.

But that rumor did come true. Its very easy to see how someone could find out that there would be a Nexus 7, Nexus 10 Nexus 4 and a GE S4 and GE HTC1 that all have timely updates and describe it as '5 Nexus devices'.
i find a moto nexus to be an intruiging proposition.......... now i want to assume that such a device would be high end. but im hving some problems imagining that. The recently released moto x while certianly very nice is a mid tier phone but priced high if a nexus is made would it be with higher stats but same price point of the moto x?  seems unlikely .....whats more likely is that they will try to do abest bang for your buck type smartphone which means compromises. that would be disappointing to me.  i woud love a top end nexus fully specced out comparable to say the G2 and im willing to pay ~ 600 for that. Expecting google to subsiize the cost of a high end pone isnt realistic
1. 5 inch display (no amoled) 
2. Snapdragon 800 (or newer if there is any) 
3. Please, please, please no plastic 
4. 2gb of ram should be fine, if not more. 
5. 32GB MEMORY!!!!!!!! (tbh forget cloud, i play a lot of games and 16 gb is not even close for me ) 
6. BIG BATTERY at least 3000mah.  so many phones now a days with such crappy batteries, like are the manufacturers THAT retarded? look at the xperia z ultra, 6.4 inch display with a 3000 mah battery? really? that thing should have close to 4000, and the new nexus 7, better hardware but smaller battery ? cmon google why are you doing this to us for. 
A new Nexus 4 would be great, if it has to be a Nexus 5 fingers crossed it's no more than 5".
+Andre Harvey I think you should look at the LG G2 I think it hits most of what you want, I don't think the NEXUS program will hit all of your marks.

+Miles Storey I agree - I love the form factor of the Moto X I think it is the right side. 
+David Swanson true. I one amoled screens and I want a close to stock experience . as this device is my primary device i don't want the headaches of romming unless necessary. So far I'm more thinking of getting the s4 and romming that as my least worst scenario. But the moto x is really really intruiging to me. The g2 is slightly behind. Now trying to figure out Google is a fools game. Look at the chromebook laptop. All the time they were churning out low spec machines and without warning they release the high end pixel chromebook. So who knows really. I admit a top end nexus is a low probability event
I can't wait, as soon as this cones out im switching to T-mobile and I expected Motorola to make it, Google owns the company, why outsource? And the specs better kill the Moto X's specs
+Travis Dobynes what would you be willing to pay for that? I'm reminded of Google experience devices that everyone was clamoring for until they got it. And them silence. Now we all want 3g ram 64g space with removable battery n SD cards phonesb built out of adamantium n 4k resolution screen 
Just put out a proper international Droid Maxx Google Play Edition and we're all set.
+Travis Dobynes yes each nexus has been better than the last but is that a factor of the passage of time rather than a changing philosophy. in other words the nexus was originally intended to be a developer phone and as such was never intended to be cutting edge technology. Now of course we all want it to be but even last year while the nexus 4 was an awesome phone at an awesome price . it didnt represent cutting edge tech. couple that with the fact that moto/google has expressed skepticism at the 5' and 1080p form factor and instead want to focus on user experience and you have a a new nexus phone thatt may not be cutting edge in terms of spec. For me personally if they can do the Moto X in full HD amoled and improve the camera, then i would buy. Removable battery, expandable memory, etc im willing to compromise on
im excited to see what the nexus 5 turns out to be.
I may return mytouchwiz galaxy s4 
+Andre Harvey u have a point about "the passage of time", but I agree that I'm really just looking for what the Moto X is lacking. With a lk the hype that surrounded it, I was slightly dissapointed with some of the specs. Im just really hoping the Nexus 5 will outshine it with tech instead of features.
+Travis Dobynes  are you willing to pay top tier phone price though?
For example if the nexus X (+Romolo Peterson  nice!!!!) isnt subsidized thats what it would end up costing.
the moto maker is really cool by the way. i like the aspect of customizing the colors on your phone a lot
the more i think of it the more i think that this phone will end up sending ripples through the industry.
Please tell Moto and Google not to make a 5" display. It's too big and so inconvenient. And please feature Nexus 5 with android 5.0, better camera, better storage, better battery and better performance than iphone and that brick s4.
I hope so, I'm in uk and was going to get nexus 4 but lack of sd storage was a no no, considering a Samsung s4 google play edition but will wait to see what happens with nexus 5 launch/specs
+David Swanson
 I think we are all tired of being owned by the carrier, but here we are - using unregulated mega-manopolies, our wallets are open. With all the latest Moto phones all-band, the Mo-Nexus might even be carrier agnostic! Probably some technical detail that prevents it...(under-breath "bahstids")
I wonder if this was was really just a moto x google edition and not "the nexus."
Wimberly's original post is "Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)." I, for one, trust him on that.
I can't wait for nexus launch, going for S4 Google edition right now
When we going to have an official CyanoGenMod phone?  THAT's what I want!
What about russian users, will they get their moto nexus 5?
Waiting to see if it is made for Verizon (LTE). It sucks a lot of good phones go to sub par companies!!!!Tried AT&T and T-Mobile but Verizon works best in my area, near Worcester, Mass. Don't disappoint us Verizon people!!
LTE is going to be soon available in Europe, I hope it will support LTE...Also I hope the camera is FULL HD...
Motorola will make the New Nexus 4, LG will make the Nexus 5.
Is this rumor still in play?  If so, I hope that this is announced (or at least strongly teased) before the LG Nexus 5 becomes available.  Otherwise, tons of people including myself will buy the LG model on day 1.  Announcing the Motorola model a month after that would be a lot worse for the sales numbers, compared to announcing it a week or so before the LG model becomes available.
+Jon Keller Info came from a reliable source. Plans change and projects get killed (moto xWATCH), so w will have to wait and see what happens.
still crossing my fingers for this one!
Can you update us on this? Does your source say this is still going to happen? Been holding out for a new phone for a while waiting for this. +Taylor Wimberly 
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