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Surprised that soooo many people with the Nexus 4 went to Solavei. I've had this combo for a couple days and it's working great.
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so Taylor, did they pay you?  I don't recall you doing a update on the review.  Is that what this is?
I got paid the bonus for referring 12 people. Trying to help other people get their bonus now.
+Taylor Wimberly  cool man, and are they doing the monthly payment as well?  When I get a Nexus4, I'm going to probably do Solavei
They pay on the 12th and 24th of every month. You only get monthly pay for people that are enrolled for 30 days and continue with service. This is the first month I had a "qualified Trio" so I have yet to be paid for that.
That's not a bad deal at all for a single line plan.
+Cole Butler Getting 10-15 Mbps down, 1-2 Mbps up. Ping times are also under 100ms. Pretty good so far.
Looks like it must be T-Mobile underneath, absolutely no coverage where I live.
I'll likely look into this when my contract is up next year. Tmobile coverage is pretty good here in town. Its not the speeds I'm getting on LTE but its worth paying $100 less each month.
I'd love to be able to do an unlocked phone, but right now, Verizon is the only carrier with decent coverage in Central NY state, and there are gaps in that..
Allen A
+Taylor Wimberly I'm very interested in Solavei's service. AT&T recently added a shared data plan (without our knowledge) which has negated my grandfathered Unlimited data plan. Supposedly they fix it, if they don't, Solavei will be my next stop...
Does the $45 include taxes and other fees? If not what is the total?
Yep..I got the Nexus 4 with Solavei (one of the lucky ones ordered on Tuesday..had my phone Friday morning) Anyway it works great, good connection and great speed..I get about 12 to 13 Mps..and pings around 150-250 depends where I am. But loving it. Oh and I pay about $55. 
N4 with Solavei..woot woot
Taylor, what case are you using with your Nexus 4?  I'm looking for a case I know for sure will protect an all glass phone, lol.
+Taylor Wimberly Eh, I get that; but it doesn't look like it will protect against a drop at all; and I have two small children, and that bumper case doesn't look childproof to me, lol.
+Sean Livingston I think OtterBox makes the best cases, but they don't have one for the Nexus 4 yet. They did the Nexus One and Galaxy Nexus, so I think they will also make one for Nexus 4 soon.
It's interesting that for the galaxy nexus on vzw, day 1 they had the case made, this phone, they are talking "if we have enough customer demand."  At least that's what they say in twitter
Hi +Taylor Wimberly 
I read your post on best prepaid plans for the Nexus 4 and liked t-mobile's $30 plan since I don't have much of talk time needs. I have now purchased two nexus 4 phones (one each for my wife and me), but t-mobile says that the plan can only be given to the phones purchased only at Walmart and gets activated online. As you know, the Nexus 4 is not available in Walmart. So, no Nexus 4 may get this plan that is considered one of the 4 best prepaid plans if t-mobile customer service is to be believed. If it is so, I think you shall consider revising your post to reflect this. Or if, by any chance they have given me wrong information and you think that there is a way to get the plan, please let me know. I will really appreciate your help.
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