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LG does not have a good reputation in Europe

but with the introduction of Nexus 4, people have gone crazy

I hope they have made ​​many
This is a price point at which I can convince the wife to let me buy one, so I just might.
F5 until the "coming soon" text goes away!
November 13 is the word on the streets... 
Me too I've been throwing my money at the screen to no avail.
This morning I was dead set, too, but now I'm having doubts. Only 16gb is what I have on my Galaxy Nexus and its getting a bit crowded on there. Plus, I've never really been a big fan of LG's materials. I felt the same about Samsung but bought the Galaxy Nexus anyways and that build quality has always bothered me. Kinda feeling like the One X+ might be better to wait for, though the wireless charging really has me excited. If they'd stuck a microsd slot, this wouldn't be an issue. #frustrated
+Ricky Cadden What's taking up that 16 GB space? I have found that 8 GB is too small for me, but I think I can survive with 16 GB.
Lots of apps - some of my most-used apps are space-hogs (not even games, really). The rest is photos, movies, music, nandroid backups, titanium backups, etc. I mean, I can live with 16GB, but in 2012 (almost 2013), 16GB as a max is just kinda limiting. The lack of LTE doesn't bother me - I'm on StraightTalk, so I don't get LTE anyways. 

Have you touched a Nexus 4? I'm also somewhat concerned with the build quality, based on previous experiences with LG products. 

Lastly, I may give it a month after launch to see if there will be another version, a la Nexus 7. 
I bet if you wait long enough, there will be a 32 GB version. I don't know why Google is making the same mistake that they made on the Nexus 7.
+Taylor Wimberly they did not do that for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus plus if you're going to get a nexus every year why would you get a 32 gigabyte Nexus
I have a Galaxy Nexus and an iPhone 4s. Have wanted to switch to android, but have never been able to full commit because of my more than 1,000 songs that are DRM protected. Anyone know of a good way to take them off and transfer rather than re-download?
Yes +Roland Hamid burn them from iTunes in mp3 format on a dvrw and re download... It sucks but it is the cheapest and easiest way that I know of... 
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