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Unverified source tells me moto xWATCH has been shelved for now. No way it gets announced August 1st :(
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Hopefully it's not going to be marketed as a Moto X 'accessory' anymore. 
Damn, I was curious to see what it could do.
Make it better and launch it when ready!
I'm actually glad about this. Didn't want the watch to be what has not leaked yet. I want it to be all about the phone!
I agree +kurt hinds , I didn't necessarily want it right now but it would have been cool to find out what it does on August 1st even if it wasn't ready yet.
+Lee Aaron tech launch should be soon after showing, it would be terrible to see and have to wait to get it!
Oh I agree with that too +kurt hinds , If they planned to originally announce it on August 1st with the phone I would think it shouldn't be too far behind even if they hit a snag. If it is that far behind then they might as well scratch it unless they sell Galaxy type numbers on the Moto X.
I was hoping for a watch but bring something incredible.. Look at what the community is doing with the current offerings and beat that.
I thought I saw somewhere that it would be sold through Motorola's website but I could be wrong about that.
Could this be related to the job posting for a new Director of Industrial Design for Wearable Technology. They want it to look good not just be functional. 
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