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Why do rogue #Android apps still drain your battery?
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That one is because it's checking in with the GPS so often to pull your location. If they were smart, they'd use GPS at phone boot, and detect the general area using the data connection to verify GPS is still accurate, and only query GPS again if the rough area it gets from the data connection changes. It's just poor design.
Agree it's a badly designed app. There should still be protections to keep this from happening. Seen this kind of thing since Android 1.0. 
+Taylor Wimberly Are you partial to the Weather Channel app for any reason? I find myself using Google Now for the most part, but I'd like something with weather alerts. 
+Taylor Wimberly I end up going to through Fancy Widgets for both of those things. I should probably investigate whether or not they have an app... 
I use Beautiful Widgets for my weather info. Love it. 
Try weatherbug elite. I've been using it for about threes years now. I have tried many others. 
Eye in the Sky seems like the best weather app I've come across.
+Taylor Wimberly The 2nd problem is that these apps don't use efficient wakelock method. For instance, it's better to use the AlarmService to schedule the wakelock method so that it can aggregate all the requests and wake up the phone at once to execute all the requests. Not to mention, inefficient background service that constantly poll servers for unnecessary data....
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